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Gina J Linko

Born: 1974 in Joliet, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Linko was born and raised in Joliet, Illinois. She attended Joliet Central High School and University of St. Francis in Joliet. She now resides in New Lenox, Illinois.

Biography: Gina Linko is the author of ''Flutter'' and ''Indigo'', both young-adult speculative novels, published by Random House.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Young adult readers

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Selected Titles

Allie's answers /
ISBN: 0806641797 OCLC: 48116373

Augsburg Fortress, Minneapolis, MN : ©2001.

When two bullies start picking on Allie Johansen's friend Tess, Allie and her friend Holden decide to take matters into their own hands, making the situation even worse. Just when things start to spin out of control, Allie thinks up "The Seekers Extravaganza" and realizes that this may be her answer.

Ben's big break /
ISBN: 0806641851 OCLC: 49612965

Augsburg Fortress, Minneapolis, MN : ©2002.

When Ben's sister comes home from college for Christmas vacation and tells him she is not sure there is a God, it leaves him questioning his own faith.

ISBN: 9780375870958 OCLC: 775415641

Random House, New York : ©2012.

Although doctors want to treat 17-year-old Emery Land for the seizures that define her life, she runs away from the hospital in the hopes of uncovering the secret behind her loops--The moments during her seizures when she travels to different places and moments in time--

  Frank's fear /
ISBN: 0806641878 OCLC: 49612967

Augsburg Fortress, Minneapolis, MN : ©2002.

Thrift store shopping, coupon cutting, living in a mobile home, overcoming a stutter. These are all things that Frank Kowalski knows too well. These are also things that Frank is keeping secret. Worried that these secrets could ruin his newfound friendships with the Seekers, and especially with Rebecca, Frank finds himself trapped in a web of his own lies, unsure whether he can ever find a way out.

Holden's heart /
ISBN: 0806641800 OCLC: 48116374

Augsburg Fortress, Minneapolis, MN : ©2001.

Holden Cross is very good at running. The regional cross country meet is only weeks away, but what he really wants to run away from is the problem with his dad. He's moving to California, and Holden doesn't understand it. His dad already left him once with the divorce. Now this?

Indigo /
ISBN: 0449812863 OCLC: 891854091

Seventeen-year-old Corrine's ability to read people's physio-electricity seems to have brought about her sister's death, but a new friend, Rennick, thinks it might actually be a sixth sense that can be controlled.

Tess's touchstone /
ISBN: 0806641894 OCLC: 49612979

Augsburg Fortress, Minneapolis, MN : ©2002.

The Seekers ski trip is just around the corner, and Tess, with one arm paralyzed from a car accident, doesn't know if she can learn how to ski. But her grandma always finds a way to make her feel like she can do anything. Then Grandma's health takes a turn for the worse, and Tess feels her self-confidence, her positive attitude, and her grandma, her very best friend in the world, slipping away from her. How can Tess face the possibility of her Grandma's death?