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Heather Bentley

Pen Name:

Connection to Illinois: Bentley grew up in the suburbs of Chicago.

Biography: Heather Bentley wrote her first book was a short story, written at the age of 9 on a flight to Florida that centered around her hopes that the DC-10 she was traveling on wouldnt nosedive to the ground in a ball of flames. And yes, it was even illustrated. She continues to reside in Illinois with her family and still loves flying about as much as she did back then. Heather writes contemporary romance and is the author of Beautiful Lies and Sweetest Heartbreak and is the winner of the Soon To Be Famous Illinois Author Project.

  • ''Sweetness Heartbreak'',
  • -- Winner, Soon to be Famous Illinois Author Project, 2018

Primary Literary Genre(s): Romance

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

Beautiful Lies
ISBN: 1530283914 OCLC: 1044762753

CreateSpace 2016

Heiress Christina Harcourt lives a life surrounded by the finest this world has to offer. Unfortunately, what she wants most can’t be bought. After losing her mother in a heinous crime, she tries her best to live the life she knows her mother would want for her. But through her family’s hurtful ways, Christina learns the only way to do that, is to leave this life far behind. Everything is going as planned, until she meets him.

Sweetest Heartbreak
ISBN: 0997535423 OCLC: 1041140963

Heather Tracy 2017

When naïve, humble, and beautiful meets arrogant, brash, and handsome, it can only lead to ... Sweetest Heartbreak. Twenty-three year old Leah Dawson is better off than most, and she knows it. With a supportive family, a great job out of college, and her best friend, Eli, by her side, she doesn't take anything this life has to offer for granted. A lesson she learned when she lost her dad to cancer. Another lesson she's learned? Don't date your best friend. But she and Eli worked through the awkwardness and are now firmly planted in the friend zone. Until she meets Eli's other best friend, Heath, and true feelings are exposed. Fresh out of rehab, Heath Braeburn is Leah's opposite in every way. Spoiled. Reckless. Impetuous. The only thing they have in common is Eli, who has been by Heath's side through it all, including when his mom up and left years ago. A fact he's never gotten over. But at twenty-four years old, it's time to prove that he's not the man everyone has come to expect him to be. Starting with Leah. She is his clean slate. His game changer. But will he become Leah's biggest regret?This is a story of what happens when friendships are tested, words go unspoken, and hearts are broken. And how three friends all manage to find their way back to each other.