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PJ Caposey

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Connection to Illinois: Caposey graduated from Eastern Illinois University and received his administrative certification at National Louis University. He has worked at Percy Lavon Julian High School, Rockford Public Schools and Oregon High School. He currently lives in the Northwestern part of Illinois.

Biography: PJ Caposey has had a wide range of educational experiences throughout his career. Mr. Caposey's educational career began by receiving the Golden Apple Scholarship in high school which supports students pursue their dream to teach by providing scholarship money and training in return for a commitment to teach in a need-based area. Mr. Caposey did just that after completing his studies at Eastern Illinois University by teaching at Percy Lavon Julian High School in the inner-city of Chicago.

After completing his administrative certification at National Louis University, Mr. Caposey served as an Assistant Principal in Rockford Public Schools before becoming the principal Oregon High School at the age of 28. After arriving at Oregon High School, Mr. Caposey and the school have received many honors. Personally, PJ was acknowledged by winning the Illinois Principal's Association/Horace Mann Partners in Education Award and IPA Principal of the Year for NW Illinois. Additionally, Mr. Caposey personally has been selected as an Award of Merit winner by the Those Who Excel program sponsored by the Illinois State Board of Education, was honored as one of the nation's top young educators when announced as an Honoree for the ASCD Outstanding Young Educator Award, has been named an ASCD Emerging Leader. PJ was named one of 25 Superintendents to watch nationally by NSPRA and won the INSPRA Distinguished Service Award of Excellence in 2016. More importantly, Oregon High School was named one of the nation's top high schools by US News and World Report in 2012 and one of the top 2000 high schools in the country by Newsweek in 2013. Meridian has also received multiple national distinctions which will be released to the public in Fiscal Year 2017.

PJ recently earned his Doctoral degree through Western Illinois University and continues to write and guest blog for many websites such as Huffington Post, Eye on Education, ASCD, Edutopia, My Town Tutors, and Test Soup. PJ has also penned two books his most recent co-authored with Todd Whitaker named Building a Culture of Support: Strategies for School Leaders and Teach Smart: 11 Learner-Centered Strategies to Ensure Student Success. In addition, Mr. Caposey also serves as an adjunct professor for Aurora University within their educational leadership department and a principal coach for the Illinois Principals' Association.

PJ is a sought after presenter, consultant, and professional development provider and has spoken at many local, state, and national conferences. A short list of those entities which PJ has presented on behalf of include: ASCD, Illinois Principal's Association, National Rural Educators Association, AdvancEd, and many others. PJ also enjoys the opportunity to work in different consultative capacities for schools and other organizations. PJ is most sought after for his work with teacher evaluation, principal coaching, social media use in school, and personalized learning.

PJ served as the Oregon High School principal for four years and currently is in his third year as the Superintendent of Meridian 223.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

Manage Your Time or Time Will Manage You: Strategies That Work from an Educator Who's Been There
ISBN: 1416626654 OCLC: 1047571626

ASCD 2018

This book identifies eight root causes of time management difficulties and provides treatment in the form of advice, support, and coping techniques.