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Tracy Broemmer

Pen Name: Therese Kinkaide

Connection to Illinois: Broemmer lives in Quincy.

Biography: Tracy Broemmer has a Master's Degree in Education and is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. She is the author of the Lorelei Bluffs womens fiction series, the Williams Legacy, and several stand-alone womens fiction novels. She has recently dabbled in contemporary romance, as well.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Romance

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Destiny's calling /
ISBN: 1533350434 OCLC: 1084976530

"In the year 2000, Rae Warner is [a high-powered attorney] an up-and-coming attorney, with a [great social life] pretty quiet social life. She's [got a hot new boyfriend] been out on a couple of [hot] lukewarm dates with a new guy, and she's (not terribly) excited about where it might go. So when she stumbles into what she thinks is Barney's Tavern in 2000 to grab a quick bite to eat and a cold drink on the way to a meeting and collides with blond, muscle-bound Chip Andrews and realizes she is actually in Hi Hat Tavern in 1980, she fantasies about never going home again. What's wrong with staying in 1980? Everything, of course! Her life is in 2000. Her big brother (who's most likely responsible for sending her back twenty years in time,) her career, and her home are in 2000. However, as long as she's here, and blond muscle-bound Chip wants to flirt with her, it won't hurt to flirt back, will it? Rae soon realizes she's not very good at casual flirting, and the more time she and Chip spend together, the more she likes him. Not just his blond, muscle-bound good looks, but his smile and the fact he likes to dance and likes pina coladas and the way he makes her laugh... What would it hurt to stay in 1980? Rae finds it harder and harder to remember why she needs to get back to her life, to 2000. She might be in love with Chip Andrews, so maybe she could just stay in his time and find happiness with him. Except, suddenly, she finds herself back on Broadway standing outside Barney's the year 2000. Instead of being happy to be home, Rae is desperate to get back to 1980 for just one last kiss...So, how does she convince her brother that she really did jump from 2000 to 1980 and back to 2000 and how in the world can she get back to Chip, if only to say goodbye?" -- From back cover. Parts in brackets had a line through the text.

Just like them :
ISBN: 0984724508 OCLC: 866647292

Tracy Broemmer, [Quincy, Ill.] : 2011.

  Picket fences
ISBN: 9781493565122 OCLC: 896422158

  Say everything
ISBN: 9781519794314 OCLC: 1038071921

One lesson we’re not taught when we’re little is how to pick out a monster in a crowd, not when that monster looks like the rest of us. Gwyn Hansen is all grown up, but she sleeps with the lights on and she refuses to leave her house because she’s met the boogeyman. Gwyn’s ex-boyfriend, Walker, and her best friend, Sara, want to help her recover, to heal emotionally as well as physically. But Gwyn claims her experience has changed her, maybe not for the better. Gwyn isn’t keeping secrets because she’s afraid to share them. Rather, she needs to keep her secrets as a matter of self-preservation. How can she ever be comfortable with her friend and lover again if they continue to see her as a victim? If she can’t say everything, can Gwyn find the right words to start the healing process? Will Walker and Sara have the patience to wait for her, or will they each move on with their lives without her? -- Back cover.

  Truth is /
ISBN: 1511615214 OCLC: 913785164

Createspace Independent Pub 2015.

Wedding day shenanigans
ISBN: 9781543274042 OCLC: 1038071673

Kaki Harper’s best friend, Jordy Steed, needs a favor. His girlfriend dumped him, and he desperately wants her back. Kaki has no idea what Jordy sees in the ex, but something about the woman has her playboy, love ‘em and leave ‘em friend tied up in knots. Leave it to Jordy to concoct a crazy scheme to make his ex jealous: fake a true love affair and stage a wedding to someone else. Leave it to Kaki to agree to such a hare-brained proposal. Why not help a friend out? If Kaki agrees, she’s doing something nice for Jordy (so he says), she gets a gorgeous diamond ring (which Jordy states in writing that she’ll keep), a dream wedding (even if the marriage has an expiration date), a week to kick back on the beach with a fruity drink and no worries (minus the honeymoon antics), and a nice house to share with her husband (who’s more like a roommate). They’re in it until Jordy gets his ex’s attention or until Kaki decides she’s had enough of living with him and she’s ready to tap out. Wedding day shenanigans ensue, best friends live as husband and wife (sort of), and they do get to share some steamy kisses (after all, people are watching them and they have parts to play)! What can possibly go wrong? -- Back cover.