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Ted Sanders

Born: 1969 in Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Sanders grew up in Northern Illinois. He currently lives in Urbana and is an Assistant Professor in the English Department at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Biography: Ted Sanders teaches creative writing at the University of Illinois and is the author of the middle-grade series, ''The Keepers.'' His first book, the short story collection ''No Animals We Could Name'', won the 2011 Bakeless Prize for Fiction. In 2012, Sanders received a National Endowment for the Arts literature fellowship. His stories and essays have appeared in ''The Southern Review'', ''Cincinnati Review'', ''Confrontation'', ''Georgia Review'', ''Gettysburg Review'', ''Indiana Review'', and the ''O. Henry Prize Stories'' anthology.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Mystery

Primary Audience(s): Children; Young adult readers

Website: Keepers''

Selected Titles

No animals we could name :
ISBN: 1555976166 OCLC: 759175068

Collects short stories featuring animals, including a lion made of bedsheets who is brought to life by a grieving mother and a halibut who offers his perspective of a fishing tug-of-war.

The box and the dragonfly /
ISBN: 0062275828 OCLC: 882553558

Horace F. Andrews, armed with a strange wooden box, and Chloe Burke, wearing a mysterious dragonfly pendant, become entangled in a secret and ancient society striving to protect powerful devices from the evil Riven.

The harp and the ravenvine /
ISBN: 0062275852 OCLC: 910983730

As Horace and his friend Chloe adjust to their newfound powers as Keepers of Tan'ji, or magical objects of extraordinary power, a new Keeper named April journeys toward the Warren and questions arise about where her loyalties lie and whether her damaged Tan'ji can be repaired.

The portal and the veil /
ISBN: 0062275887 OCLC: 967868640

"Horace F. Andrews and his friends are fighting the battle of their lives, a battle that will decide the fate of everyone and everything they love. As Wardens and Keepers of Tan’ji, the fabled talismans of power, it is their duty to keep the world safe from those who would destroy it. But all is not as it seems. Sometimes there are too many secrets, and too many places to stumble in the dark. When one powerful Keeper and his Tan’ji are kidnapped, the Wardens have to ask who could have betrayed them. Who could have let the enemy into their stronghold?"

The starlit loom /
ISBN: 0062275917 OCLC: 1023487551

"For centuries, the Keepers and the Wardens have been guarding the mysterious Mothergates, a source of incredible power. But now the Mothergates are dying, and Horace and his fellow Keepers know that the weakened gates may unleash a dangerous force that will consume the world--and destroy everyone in it. While their enemies are willing to take this careless risk, Horace and his friends are prepared to sacrifice themselves for the preservation of the world. With their strongholds destroyed and many of their friends captured, the Keepers' chance of succeeding hangs by a thread. But all hope is not lost, as a mysterious talisman of power is discovered. It may hold the key to saving the universe . . . if they can unlock its secret in time."--Page [2] of cover.