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Patricia J. Murphy

Born: 1966 in Chicago, Illinois
Connection to Illinois: Murphy lives in Chicago.

Biography: Patricia Murphy is an award-winning childrenís writer, author and poet. She is also a communications and marketing consultant, copywriter, and founder/? chief creative officer of ''Pattycake Productions'', a creative services agency.She is the author of over 150 children's books, hundreds of magazine articles and a growing list of scripts for children's television. In addition to writing full-time, she viits schools and libraries and offers a variety of writing workshops to isnprire and motivate young readers/writers. In the Speaking Engagments section, you will find a small sampling of her hands-on, interactive workshops.

  • '''''Bugs and Us'''''
  • -- 2013 ILLINOIS READS Book
  • -- Dolly Parton Imagination Library Selection

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Non-Fiction; Poetry

Primary Audience(s): Children; Young adult readers


Selected Titles

Adding puppies and kittens /
ISBN: 0766027260 OCLC: 63705866

Enslow Elementary, Berkeley Heights, N.J. : ©2008.

This visual guide aids readers in mastering the addition of numbers from 1 through 10. Includes puppy and kitten photos throughout the book.

Andrew Carnegie /
ISBN: 1404533567 OCLC: 213815580

Around and around /
ISBN: 0516268635 OCLC: 46976773

A simple introduction to circular movement and the forces that affect it.

Avoiding drugs /
ISBN: 0822527790 OCLC: 57193178

Lerner Publications, Minneapolis : ©2006.

Learn how to avoid harmful drugs.

Back and forth /
ISBN: 0516268651 OCLC: 46918116

Children's Press, New York : ©2002.

A simple introduction to back and forth movement.

Badgers /
ISBN: 073682071X OCLC: 52720812

Capstone Press, Mankato, Minn. : ©2004.

Simple text and photographs introduce badgers and their grasslands habitat.

Bugs and us
ISBN: 9780756693336 OCLC: 748329724

DK, New York, N.Y. : 2012.

Helps your child to discover all about the lives of creepy crawlies--what they eat, where they live, and how they help humans.

Canada Day /
ISBN: 0516226622 OCLC: 49672941

Explains the history, importance, and celebration of Canada Day.

Counting puppies and kittens
ISBN: 9780766027244 OCLC: 63705865

Enslow Publishers, Berkeley Heights, NJ : ©2008.

Learn to count with adorable puppies and kittens.

ISBN: 9780431907833 OCLC: 212894277

Heinemann Library, Oxford : 2008.

Discusses death, explaining the feelings many people experience when they are grieving for a loved one and the ways people remember their loved ones. Suggested level: junior, primary.

Denmark /
ISBN: 0736813713 OCLC: 48834697

Bridgestone Books, Mankato, Minn. : ©2003.

Introduces the geography, food, and culture of Denmark, including information about the capital Copenhagen and author Hans Christian Andersen.

Discovering underwater secrets with a nature photographer
ISBN: 9780766028166 OCLC: 71223111

Enslow Elementary, Berkeley Heights, NJ : ©2008.

An introduction to underwater photography.

Divorce and separation /
ISBN: 1403497753 OCLC: 84837982

Explains divorce and separation, the reasons, the feelings, confusion, loneliness, fear, and that you are not alone.

Earning money
ISBN: 9780822521495 OCLC: 56329903

Lerner Publications Co., Minneapolis : ©2006.

Find out how to negotiate an allowance or start a business from kids who started their own enterprises.

Election day /
ISBN: 0516274880 OCLC: 49618777

Children's Press, New York : ©2002.

Explains the importance of voting, different methods of voting, and how voting helps us take part in our government.

Exploring space with an astronaut /
ISBN: 0766022684 OCLC: 52430998

Enslow Publishers, Berkeley Heights, NJ : ©2004.

Briefly explains the work of astronauts, scientists who travel on the space shuttle to study outer space and to conduct experiments.

Garrett Morgan :
ISBN: 0766022749 OCLC: 53937831

Enslow Publishers, Berkeley Heights, NJ : ©2004.

Profiles the man responsible for inventing the traffic light and gas mask, both very important elements for safety.

Grace Hopper :
ISBN: 0766022730 OCLC: 54365160

Enslow Publishers, Berkeley Heights, N.J. : 2004.

A brief biography of the woman who pioneered advances in computer technology.

Hearing /
ISBN: 0516225995 OCLC: 48777388

Children's Press, New York : ©2003.

Sound off if you want to separate the noise from the nonsense about an important human sense that helps you recognize sounds, communicate, and even maintain balance--hearing!

Hope for the elephants
ISBN: 9781465428424 OCLC: 893931999

Join David and his grandmother on an amazing trip to study [the elephants] in an Asian sanctuary and on an African reserve. Discover how people can give elephants a hopeful future.--Page 4 of cover.

Horse Club
ISBN: 9781465418111 OCLC: 852831306

Emma adores horses almost as much as she idolizes her older sister. Emma dreams about riding in a show alongside her sister one day. The sisters go to horse-riding camp, where Emma's wish is about to come true, but it's not a smooth ride. WIll Emma save her sister, the show-- and the day?--Page 4 of cover.

How Does the Wind Blow?
ISBN: 9780761433637 OCLC: 225870604

Benchmark Books 2008.

I need you /
ISBN: 0516225952 OCLC: 50028519

Children's Press, New York : ©2003.

Illustrations and rhyming text describe things that complement each other, such as a soup and a spoon, a song and a tune, flowers and a vase, and a smile and a face.

Illness /
ISBN: 0431907854 OCLC: 212894279

Journey of a pioneer
ISBN: 9780756640057 OCLC: 199450362

DK Pub., New York : 2008.

Olivia Clark describes her family's journey as they move from their home in Missouri to the Oregon Territory while following the Oregon Trail through her diary.

Let's play soccer /
ISBN: 075663458x OCLC: 173659545

DK Pub., New York : 2008.

At his first soccer practice, Erik learns how to stretch, the rules of the game, and kicking techniques before playing a practice game.

Mama, look! /
ISBN: 1499800800 OCLC: 950518639

Baby creatures and their mothers discover the world around them.

Measuring puppies and kittens
ISBN: 9780766027275 OCLC: 64208177

Enslow Elementary, Berkeley Heights, NJ : ©2008.

Describes different ways to measure the size of puppies and kittens.

Moving /
ISBN: 1403497761 OCLC: 84152860

Explores some of the feelings people experience when they move to a new home, and describes ways in which they can feel comfortable and make new friends.

Nell Can Spell!

Never eat soggy waffles :
ISBN: 0766027104 OCLC: 180989487

Enslow Publishers, Berkeley Heights, NJ : 2009.

"Introduces young readers to the concept of mnemonic devices, presenting several examples of mnemonics as study aids and explaining how mnemonic devices are created"--Provided by publisher.

Nigeria /
ISBN: 0761417958 OCLC: 54817158

Benchmark Books, New York : ©2005.

An introduction to Nigeria, highlighting the country's geography, people, foods, schools, recreation, celebrations, and language.

Planets and the solar system /
ISBN: 1680527061 OCLC: 1124073867

"Touch, read, and discover all about our amazing solar system with your toddler and Smithsonian Kids! Featuring special embossing to highlight fun facts about the wonders of space and the universe, this book engages both verbal and tactile learning skills. Embossed textures and bright, detailed photographs and renderings from Smithsonian are sure to engage, entertain, and educate your curious toddler."--Provided by publisher.

Prairie dogs /
ISBN: 0736820736 OCLC: 52720814

Capstone Press, Mankato, Minn. : ©2004.

Simple text and photographs introduce prairie dogs and their grasslands habitat.

Push and pull
ISBN: 0516225510 OCLC: 46928847

Children's Press, New York : ©2002.

Simple text and photographs describe and illustrate push and pull movement.

Red Foxes.
ISBN: 9780736894951 OCLC: 148718831

Pebble Books, 2006.

Sight /
ISBN: 0516269682 OCLC: 48711457

Explores the sense of sight and the body parts used to produce it.

Smell /
ISBN: 0516225987 OCLC: 48711451

Explores the sense of smell made possible by the nose as well as its relationship to the sense of taste.

Staying happy.
ISBN: 082252774X OCLC: 946920997

Lernerclassroom, [Place of publication not identified] : 2006.

Subtracting puppies and kittens /
ISBN: 0766027252 OCLC: 63705868

Enslow Publishers, Berkeley Heights, NJ : ©2008.

Understanding subtraction has never been easier. The book includes a number line along with fun photos, and readers will quickly master subtracting numbers 1 through 10.

T. rex from head to tail /
ISBN: 1680527053 OCLC: 1122792903

"Touch, read, and discover all about the incredible T.rex with your toddler and Smithsonian Kids! Featuring special embossing to highlight fun facts about these "kings of the dinosaurs," this book engages both verbal and tactile learning skills. Embossed textures and bright, detailed photographs and renderings from Smithsonian are sure to engage, entertain, and educate your curious toddler."--Provided by publisher.

Taste /
ISBN: 0516226002 OCLC: 48711470

Explores the sense of taste and the body parts used to produce it as well as its relationship to smell.

Telling time /
ISBN: 0756629489 OCLC: 145504522

A brief history of time keeping and clock making.

Telling time with puppies and kittens /
ISBN: 0766027287 OCLC: 64335771

Enslow Publishers, Berkeley Heights, NJ : 2007.

What time is it? People ask this question many times every day and now you will be able to answer them! Learn how to look at analog and digital clocks and make sense of them. What do the different hands on the clock mean? What is the difference between A.M. and P.M.? Includes puppy and kitten photos throughout the book.

The airport /
ISBN: 0736825789 OCLC: 54022399

Simple text and photographs present a visit to the airport.

The police station /
ISBN: 154350843X OCLC: 1005742270

"Text and photographs take readers on a visit to the police station, including descriptions of the things and people found there. This book includes a video, which launches via a 4D app"--Publisher's website.

The US Supreme Court


Up and down /
ISBN: 0516225537 OCLC: 46918120

A simple introduction to up and down movement.

Voting and elections /
ISBN: 075650144X OCLC: 46616828

Simple text explains the process of voting.

Why does the moon change its shape?
ISBN: 0823962342 OCLC: 47957586

PowerKids Press, New York : 2004.

Questions and answers about the Moon.

Why is the sun so hot? /
ISBN: 0823962350 OCLC: 47930777

Questions and answers about the Ssun.