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Wayne C. Temple

Born: 1924 in Delaware County, Ohio
Pen Name: Wayne Calhoun Temple

Connection to Illinois: Dr. Temple lives in Springfield, Illinois.

Biography: Dr. Wayne C. Temple is an internationally recognized authority on Abraham Lincoln. He is a prolific writer and keen historian. Anyone in the field of Lincoln knows who he is, and most of them consider him a key figure when they are working on their own volumes of Lincoln history. He has been a repeated guest on the history channel and is a frequent speaker on the Lincolns. Virtually all researchers in the field of Lincoln history have availed themselves of his knowledge. He is among 30 individuals, from around the world, honored with a special ''Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial edition of the Order of Lincoln'' - the highest honor that can be awarded by the State of Illinois. Dr. Temple was also be a guest on the Lincoln Documentary, produced by PBS, Champaign, Illinois. He is a member of the U.S. Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission's Advisory Committee to mark the 200th Anniversary of Lincoln's Birth on February 12, 2009. Temple has held many positions, including: Curator Ethnohistory at the Illinois State Museum; Editor-in-Chief of the ''Lincoln Herald '' - the only quarterly journal on Abraham Lincoln in the world and the oldest such Lincoln publication, starting in 1897; Secretary-Treasurer of the National Lincoln-Civil War Council; Memorial Bibliography committee for Lincoln Lore; Editorial Advisory Board for the American Biographical Institute; Board of Governors for the St. Louis Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children; and Trustee Regent for the Lincoln Academy. He is currently the Chief Deputy Director of the Illinois State Archives.He has addressed the Congress of the United States and has received many awards and honors during his lifetime. He is a life fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and many other prestigious organizations. Temple served under Eisenhower in Europe during World War II. He received a B.S. in Engineering, and an M.A. and a PhD. in history from the University of Illinois, where he was a research assistant to Prof. J.G. Randall, Dean of the Lincoln Scholars. He then earned his A.M. and Ph.D degrees under the direction of Prof. Randall and Prof. Richard N. Current.Among his books on the 16th President are ''Abraham Lincoln: From Skeptic to Prophet'' and ''By Square and Compass: Saga of the Lincoln Home''. He was also a contributor to the book, ''The Mary Lincoln Enigma: Historians on America's Most Controversial First Lady''.

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Primary Audience(s): Adult readers; Young adult readers

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Selected Titles

"The taste is in my mouth a little-- " :
ISBN: 1878044419 OCLC: 56365946

Mayhaven Pub., Mahomet, IL : ©2004.

Abraham Lincoln, from skeptic to prophet
ISBN: 9781932278354 OCLC: 877142961

Mayhaven Pub., Mahomet, Ill. : ©2013.

For many years, this author has sifted slowly through voluminous collections of primary source materials in order to tell the story of Abraham Lincoln's experience with religion. It has proved to be a most interesting but difficult quest, for Licoln lived an extremely complicated life and kept so many of his personal thoughts buried within his keen mind and refused to share them. Even so, it has been possible to uncover a number of important documents which have never been cited previously in a study of Lincoln's theological beliefs. In addition, Mary Todd's church affiliations have been searched out and described here, because this cultured Kentucky lady certainly exerted a tremendous influence upon her highly-inquisitive husband. Also, the church experiences of the Lincoln children have been examined in detail.

Abraham Lincoln, from skeptic to prophet /
ISBN: 1878044362 OCLC: 33373389

Mayhaven Pub., Mahomet, Ill. : ©1995.

By square & compass :
ISBN: 187804480X OCLC: 49527798

Mayhaven Pub., Mahomet, IL : ©2002.

  Lincoln's surgeons at his assassination :
ISBN: 9781939695529 OCLC: 927755743

Mayhaven Publishing, Mahomet, IL : 2015.

This book is a study that concentrates on the surgeons who attended President Lincoln at the time of his assassination.

  Lincoln's travels on the River Queen during the last days of his life
ISBN: 9781932278446 OCLC: 192022767

Mayhaven Pub., Mahomet, IL : 2007.