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Jan Frazier

Born: in Pekin, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Frazier was born and raised in Pekin. She is an English professor at Bradley University in Peoria.

Biography: Jan Frazier, a teacher for over 25 years, is currently an English professor at Bradley University. She earned the Tommy Award for Starlight Laser Express, the first book in the J. C. van Winkler series, and has been honored in the “Who’s Who Among American Teachers” for five years. Ghost of a Chance is the second book in the series.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers; Young adult readers

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Selected Titles

Destination disaster :
ISBN: 1563154609 OCLC: 785615164

SterlingHouse, Pittsburgh, PA : 2010.

European roots and beyond /
ISBN: 1432774654 OCLC: 875106945

Outskirts Press, Denver, Col. : 2011.

"J.J. and her cousin, Sophie, decide to venture to Europe to discover their German roots. Because of an unbelievable flight complication, it takes them three days to even get to Europe, and then finding the tiny village of Hummersen -- tucked away between mountains of northeast Germany -- is an adventure all in itself. From there, they travel southwest to Wilgartswiesen. Discovering their ancestors' homeland would have been excitement enough, but actually finding living relatives (and many of them) is a dream-come-true. However, after "finding their roots," J.J. and Sophie travel on to Paris and Amsterdam, where they encounter one escapade after another. They endure an unbelievable "attic room" in Versailles and live through the chaos of European driving while in France. Paris is both a dream -- seeing the Eiffel Tour, Montmartre, and Notre Dame -- and a nightmare -- getting stuck on the commuter train, trying to flush the toilets, and attempting to find the hot water in the bathrooms. Holland offers its own set of trials and tribulations. Getting trapped in the Red Light District of Amsterdam and finding themselves stuck in a Safari Park are only a few of the capers. Based on true-life experiences, the book has an endearing quality that will allow the reader to become immersed in the excitement and adventures of traveling abroad."--Page 4 of cover.

Ghost of a chance :
ISBN: 1563153173 OCLC: 65199380

SterlingHouse (CyntoMedia), Pittsburgh, PA : ©2004.

Glimpse of the netherworld.
ISBN: 1563153742 OCLC: 71360342

CyntoMedia/Sterling House Pub., Pittsburgh, Penn. : ©2005.

When J.C. tries to save her cousin Jacob from being hit by a car, they are both transported to the Underworld. They encounter pure evil in the form Wicker, the ruler of the darkness, who wants to keep J.C. underground forever.

Mission to murder.
ISBN: 1424104882 OCLC: 83770847

PublishAmerica, Baltimore, MD : ©2005.

Murder times three.
ISBN: 1413754503 OCLC: 181031436

PublishAmerica, Baltimore, MD : ©2005.

Pilgrims, Indians, Shakespeare, oh my! :
ISBN: 9781432789244 OCLC: 875105015

Outskirts Press, Denver, Col. : 2012.

Teenager J.C. van Winkler and her friend, Smitty the ghost, are thrust back into time to save two Pilgrim children in Plymouth, Massachusetts, 1620. But their adventure becomes involved in not only the lives of the Pilgrim children but also in the lives of young Indians. Much to J.C.'s surprise, the Pilgrims as well as the Indians have all been involved in time travel, and so their new adventures take on a new dimension as they explore the Nation of Nadie, The Secret Land of Goji, the Netherworld, and the World of William Shakespeare.

Starlight Laser Express /
ISBN: 1563153033 OCLC: 123118993

Sterling House, Pittsburgh, Pa. : 2003.

Teenager J.C. Van Winkler travels to world cities across the centuries with her friend Smitty, a ghost who must do good deeds in order to move on.

Transatlantic ticket 1852 /
ISBN: 1432713388 OCLC: 688512560

Outskirts Press, Denver, Colo. : ©2007.

Following a crop failure in mid-19th-century German, Christian Pollmann develops a plan to emigrate to the United States. He and his family undertake the arduous voyage, made more difficult and dangerous by assumption of responsibility for two young stowaways and the presence of a murderer.

  Transatlantic ticket 1852 :
ISBN: 9781555718930 OCLC: 1060574928

Hellgate Press, Ashland, OR : ©2018.

  Transatlantic voyage
ISBN: 9781432768584 OCLC: 771939204

Outskirts Press, Denver, Col. : 2010.

Teenager J.C. van Winkler and her friend, Smitty the ghost, are thrust back into time finding adventure during the 1846 Potato Blight of Ireland, helping four stowaways on the ship Perseverance, bound for New York City.