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Gina Gallo

Born: 1954 in Chicago, IL.
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: A Chicago native, Gallo was a member the of the Chicago Police Department and a clinical thereapist at the Chicago Department of Mental Health.

Biography: Gallo attended Eastern Illinois University and obtained a two-year certificate for the American Academy of Art. She is a featured writer for NYCOP Online and a regular on The Her stories have appeared in police-oriented and mainstream magazines both nationally and abroad. Gallo is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters-In-Crime, and The International Association of Crime Writers.


Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Armed and dangerous :
ISBN: 9780765398000 OCLC: 981972660

This engrossing memoir follows a female police officer's sixteen-year journey from day one at the Police Academy and spanning assignments on Chicago's West Side, one of the most dangerous areas in the city. The notorious cops' code of silence is broken as the author recounts incidents in the West Side projects: shoot-outs, ambushes, and what it feels like to kill a man--just four days out of the Academy. The stories told are sometimes tragic, sometimes funny, often poignant, and always provide the reader with an on the scene feel for life behind the badge. Domestic violence, murdered spouses, abused children, and philandering CPD brass are just some of the topics addressed, topics that officer Gallo dealt with everyday. From her work with gangs, narcotics, the gun task force, and acting as a prostitute, Gina Gallo offers a gritty account of the darker side of the city, giving readers an objective side to the cops, crooks, and victims that comprise a the police cops world.

Armed and dangerous :
ISBN: 0312878907 OCLC: 45068566

Forge, New York : ©2001.

The true story of one female cop's 16-year odyssey, beginning with day one at the Police Academy and spanning assignments on Chicago's West Side, one of the most dangerous areas in the city.

Crime scenes /
ISBN: 0967880912 OCLC: 45666255

Blue Murder Press, Portland, Or. : ©2000.

"Brace yourself for Crime Scenes, a collection of stories about the police experience, the street, and both ends of the smoking gun. A cop since 1982, author Gina Gallo has 'walked the walk' in uniform and undercover through Chicago's tough inner-city West Side. Guns, gangs, narcotics and prostitutes are all part of the business du jour in Gallo's world, re-created here in searing images." "These gritty tales, as told through the eyes of cops, criminals and victims, are alternately shocking, heartbreaking and humorous -- a rare cop's- eye view of what's beyond the crime scene tape." "Smell the gun powder, taste the fear, and feel the wild pounding of your own tripping pulse. Book jacket."--Jacket.