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Maureen Teresa Skaggs

Born: 1987 in Joliet, IL
Pen Name: Maureen Skaggs

Connection to Illinois: I was born and raised in Joliet, and graduated from Columbia College Chicago. I wrote 'The Tail of Gigi' while back in Joliet, and that's where I found out about Windy City Pubslishers, located in Rolling Meadows, who published the book. I now currently live in Chicago.

Biography: Maureen Skaggs is an autistic author and illustrator who earned her BA in Traditional Film Animation and graduated with Honors from Columbia College Chicago. She learned Digital Imaging & Animation from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. When Maureen is illustrating she specializes in Disney, Warner Bros., and anime style.In her children’s fiction book, The Tail of Gigi, Skaggs wrote and illustrated a story a lonely and scared puppy living on the streets who gets a second chance at a happy life.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Children

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Selected Titles

The tail of Gigi :
ISBN: 1935766341 OCLC: 857035327

Windy City Publishers, Rolling Meadows, IL : ©2012.

Gigi has a happy home. It wasn't always that way. At one time she was a lonely and scared puppy who lived in the streets. But when a nice man found Gigi and took her to an animal shelter, her life began to change. Adopted by a new family, Gigi finally found the love she was looking for.