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Susan Lois Handler- Cohen

Born: Chicago, Illinois
Pen Name: Elizabeth St. Clair

Connection to Illinois: Cohen was born in Chicago.

Biography: Cohen earned a B.A. degree from the New School for Social Research in 1960 and an M.S.W. degree from Adelphi University in Garden City, New York, in 1962. She worked as a social worker in the mid-1960s before writing ''The Liberated Couple'', a feminist tract, in 1971. She wrote eleven gothic romances and mysteries under the penname Elizabeth St. Clair between 1974 and 1981.Susan is married to Illinois author Daniel Cohen. They began collaborating on books in 1982 to help alleviate Daniel's workload. They have written books primarily on popular entertainment, advice for teenagers, and animals. The Cohens currently live in Cape May Court House, New Jersey.


Primary Audience(s): Adult readers; Children; Young adult readers

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Selected Titles

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