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Susan Sussman

Born: in Chicago, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Susan has lived in Chicago most of her life.

Biography: Sussman is an author and screen writer. She began her writing career freelancing for Chicago newspapers and national publications. Her first book was ''Hippo Thunder''. She has published both fiction and non-fiction for ages pre-school through adult. She won an EMMY for the screen adaptation of her classic holiday childrenís book: ''Thereís No Such Thing as a Chanukah Bush, Sandy Goldstein'' and her works have been translated into many languages around the world.Sussman has also contributed to ''One For You, One For Me'' a Disney/World juvenile book. Other books include: a few Whitman Boxcar books for youth - ''The Mystery of the Traveling Tomatoes'', ''A Horse Named Dragon'' and ''The Secret of the Mask'' and young adult books - ''Sweet Talk'', Dell; ''Night After Night'', Dell; ''Just Friends'', Fawcett/Ballantine and ''Don't Say Goodbye'', Dell.

  • Emmy Award for the screenplay of her book, ''There`s No Such Thing as a Chanukah Bush, Sandy Goldstein''.

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Mystery; Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers; Children; Young adult readers

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Selected Titles

  Audition for murder
ISBN: 0708943918 OCLC: 59520017

Ulverscroft, Leicester : 2001.

  Audition for murder /
ISBN: 0749931612 OCLC: 50230652

Piatkus, London : 2000.

Big friend, little friend :
ISBN: 0395497019 OCLC: 19458679

Houghton Mifflin, Boston : 1989.

Describes organisms that live together in mutual dependence, such as the African buffalo and the red-billed oxpecker, the protozoan and the honeyguide, the sea anemone and the boxing crab, and the acacia bush and the ant.

Casey the nomad /
ISBN: 0807510688 OCLC: 11650473

A. Whitman, Niles, Ill. : ©1985.

Casey is fascinated by nomads, but he's distressed to learn that his own father will be traveling the country for two years on business.

  Cruising for murder
ISBN: 0708946461 OCLC: 48485730

Ulverscroft, Leicester : 2002.

Cruising for murder /
ISBN: 0373264240 OCLC: 50011618

Worldwide, Toronto ; 2002, ©2000.

Morgan Taylor, a hopeful young actress from Chicago, encounters her second mystery when she joins a cruise ship's entertainment cast, learning a little after the fact that the person she replaced had been murdered.

Hanukkah :
ISBN: 0807531456 OCLC: 16758719

A. Whitman, Niles, Ill. : 1988.

Eight short stories depict eight contemporary Jewish families in different countries celebrating the holiday.

  Hippo thunder /
ISBN: 0807533076 OCLC: 8171125

A. Whitman, Niles, Ill. : 1982.

Father devises a way to banish the fear that comes with each clap of thunder.

Lies (people believe) about animals /
ISBN: 0807545309 OCLC: 13946555

A. Whitman, Niles, Ill. : 1987.

Presents commonly held beliefs abouts bats, tarantulas, snakes, porcupines, and other animals and then explains the surprising truths.

The dieter /
ISBN: 067167725X OCLC: 21008258

Pocket Books, New York : 1990, ©1989.

  There's no such thing as a Chanukah bush, Sandy Goldstein
ISBN: 156086365X OCLC: 62054927

Sisu Home Entertainment, [New York] : [2005]

Amidst the lights and festivities of the holiday season, a young girl confronts a dilemma: should she help her friends celebrate what they believe in or should she celebrate what she believes in?

  There's no such thing as a chanukah bush, sandy goldstein.
ISBN: 0807578630 OCLC: 232240579

Albert Whitman, [Place of publication not identified] : 1993.

Time off from good behavior
ISBN: 0816154201 OCLC: 26130829

G.K. Hall, Boston, Mass. : 1993.

  Time off from good behaviour /
ISBN: 0747205027 OCLC: 154295019

Headline, London : 1991.

  Young wives' tales
ISBN: 0747245495 OCLC: 60282829

Headline Review, London : 1996.

Young wives' tales /
ISBN: 0747212333 OCLC: 34557898

Headline Review, London : 1995.