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Kristine J. Trudeau

Born: 1952 in Urbana, IL
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: I tend to write what I know - that means I tend to lean toward writing about small town, Central Illinois. As a writer of Christian/Horror/Fiction, that also means I take liberties with real towns, areas and urban legends, and also create fictional ones.

Biography: Born in Urbana, Illinois, I was raised in Camargo, Illinois for most of my youth attending the Villa Grove school system, where I graduated from high school in 1970. Over the course of time, I took classes at Parkland College in Champaign, Illinois in subjects pertaining to my current needs. Married 33 years, to Larry Trudeau, I have one son and two granddaughters. I didn't begin my writing carrier until 1997, two years after the suicide of my youngest brother. It was then, that I discovered writing as my source of healing and a gift from God. I worked on my first novel, 'BLOODLINE: The Glass Heart,' while writing, as a columnist, for 'The Villa Grove News.' I stayed with the newspaper for 10 years then quit to pursue the writing I love best - Christian/Horror/Fiction novels. Currently, when I'm not writing, I'm Peace Meal Site Supervisor, and Activity Director at the Villa Grove Senior Center, and I volunteer as a site moderator for's books are also available through Barnes and Noble and local bookstores. Autographed copies can be ordered directly from the publisher, ''Anorexic Zombie Gazette & Publishing'' via: [].

  • -- 1st Place Writer of the Month, ''DAWN & THE DEAD''

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Other

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers; Children; Young adult readers

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Selected Titles

ISBN: 9788381623766 OCLC: 1083096434

  Dawn & the dead /
ISBN: 0984165517 OCLC: 711866265

Anorexic Zombie Gazette & Pub., Villa Grove, Ill. : ©2010.

"Being in servitude to vampires is not Dawn Crummy's idea of a good time. Unlike her brother, Jack, Dawn would like to live a normal life. Running a funeral home is normal. Moonlighting as a taxi and hotel service to vampires is not normal. The one bright spot in Dawn's life is her new love, Brad Lantus. Her life takes a dramatic twist when she learns her love is a vampire, and not just any vampire; this one can function in daylight. Brad is a vampdemon. In the days that follow, Dawn is thrown into a vampire war and discovers a love that transcends time and broken heart"--Publisher.

  Junk man /
ISBN: 0984165509 OCLC: 326882589

Anorexic Zombie Desktop Pub., Villa Grove, IL : 2008.

An inventor's attempts to help a twelve-year-old boy contact his dead father goes horribly awry.

  The doll
ISBN: 9780984165520 OCLC: 783310789

Anorexic Zombie Gazette & Pub., Villa Grove, Ill. : 2011.

Hurt and loneliness were all little Sarah Kinnery had ever known in her short life, until she found a doll buried in the dirt floor of her grandmother's woodshed. The miserable conditions Sarah endured, daily, created the perfect atmosphere to revive the doll, Magic. Taking little persuasion on the doll's part to convince a lonely little girl that she now has a friend, Magic begins the process of taking control of Sarah. When a neighbor woman takes an interest in Sarah's change of behavior and becomes a target for Magic's wrath; the doll shows its true nature to anyone who dares interfere in its plans--Publisher.

  The glass heart
ISBN: 9780984165537 OCLC: 793288476

Anorexic Zombie Gazette & Pub., Villa Grove, Ill. : ©2012.

Newlyweds Callie and Darren Makabe find that the curse on the Alexander family reaches farther than they thought, and the evil entity Zorak isn't the only thing intent on their destruction. Returning to the Alexander glass house to try to discover what has become of Callie's brother Mason and their cousin Junior Bagsell, Callie and Darren encounter Zorak.

The glass house /
ISBN: 1425782965 OCLC: 185042192

Xlibris Corp., [Philadelphia, Pa.] : ©2007.