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James David Webb

Born: 1941 in Decatur, Illinois
Pen Name: J. D. Webb

Connection to Illinois: Webb is a lifelong Decatur resident. He attended Millikin University and spent 25 years at A E Staley Manufacturing in Decatur. He owned a shoe repair shop in Clinton for 11 years.

Biography: James Webb began attended Millikin and Yale University. He served in the Air Force in the Philippines and Viet Nam in the middle 1960s. He spent 25 years at A E Staley Manufacturing in Decatur, Illinois and owned a shoe repair shop in Clinton, Illinois for 11 years. In 2002, he became a fulltime author and has garnered several awards for writing. He also owns and moderates the Yahoo Publishing and Promoting Group with almost 1000 international members.

  • Shepherd's Pie Golden Wings Award for excellence in writing
  • Moon Over Chicago op ten finalist in 2008 Editor's Poll Midwest Writer's Workshop
  • Bayou Chase First place in 2024 Critter's Writer's annual poll

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Mystery

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

Bayou Chase
ISBN: 1509249362 OCLC:

Wild Rose Press 2023

Chase Anderson, wounded in Afghanistan, gets a rebuilt knee and falls for his surgeon. They marry, but nine months later, she's raped and murdered as she planned a meal to let Chase know he would be a dad. The killer's DNA left at the scene is compromised by the Chicago Police and a one-year sentence for breaking and entering is too much for Chase to accept. Chase leaves no evidence when he drowns the killer in the man's bathtub. The twin brothers of the killer, who work for a Chicago crime boss, identify Chase and travel to Louisiana for revenge, where Chase is recovering from his loss. Now, not only Chase but his in-laws, are in a fight for survival.

Her Name is Mommy
ISBN: 1597057908 OCLC: 222327710

Wings ePress, Richmond, KY : 2007.

Chicago PI Mike Shepherd tries to rescue the kidnapped mother of a four-year-old he and his fiancée find abandoned in a shopping mall.

Incredible Witness
ISBN: 1613099304 OCLC:

Wings ePress, Inc. 2022

One of our long-time authors has organized a collection of his short stories which includes:Credible Witness - homeless veteran accused of murder has no hope of proving his innocence.Stuck in Valhalla – a man from Rhode Island stops for gas and becomes a target to help complete a patriotic cemetery. Twilight Zone meets the Ozarks.Turnabout Is Fair Play – a husband decides to terminate his wife after she tries to terminate him.The Drifter – Todd Mitchel’s wife and young son are killed. The occupants of the van who impacted their car are fleeing from a robbery. Through a bungled investigation they will not be charged with the deaths. Todd won’t let them go unpunished.Premonition – A traveler’s premonition proves propheticFinal Conviction – Death row convict minutes away from execution waits for word from the governor.Give Up the Ghost – A couple of ghost hunters travel to Europe to visit a haunted castle. It proves to be deadly and haunted.The Key to Christmas – Bus driver collects Christmas donations for the Salvation Army. A key is dropped into his bucket. It could lead to a treasure if he could only figure out what the key unlocks.And more.

Moon Over Chicago
ISBN: 1597058939 OCLC: Richmond, KY :

Wings ePress, Inc. Richmond, KY : 2016

When cobbler Fulton Moon meets the beautiful Lucy Mathews, she asks him to escape her abusive florist husband. An easy task for the amateur sleuth. But nothing is ever easy around Lucy and soon the muggings, a kidnapping, blackmail and, oh yes, even murder begins.

Shepherd's Pie
ISBN: 1597059366 OCLC: 173257199

Wings ePress, Richmond, KY : 2006.

Escaped criminal and self-proclaimed survivalist Ferlin Husky Lewis vows to kill Chicago P.I. Mike Shepherd after Shepherd's failed attempt to bag Husky and the bounty offered for his return to police custody.

ISBN: 1603182101 OCLC: 772624779

L & L Dreamspell, Spring, Tex. : ©2010.

A smudge of blood involves a woman on the hunt for a mob killer. All Trish Morgan wanted was to grab a few bucks at the ATM, but she finds blood on the screen then hears a moan. She ventures into the alley and finds a dying woman. While Trish calls 911, the woman slips a DVD into her purse—a DVD that puts Trish's life in danger. Now Trish is stalked by an assassin who wants the disk and Trish erased. Each time Trish thinks a problem is resolved; she realizes her troubles are far from over. Her marriage is falling apart, and she leaves her abusive husband only to find the police questioning him about shady business practices. Her best friend is a newly licensed PI, but is she really helping Trish or herself? Faced with dangerous situations, Trish must draw on her own inner strength and wisdom to find the answers and save her life.