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Franchot DeVon Nelson

Born: 1955 in Waukegan, Illinois
Pen Name: DeVon Nelson

Connection to Illinois: Nelson was born and raised in Waukegan the home of the famous Waukegan Bull Dogs. She majored in journalism and sociology at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and earned a B. A. During her writing career, she has worked in advertising, public relations and several years as a reporter for the News Sun in Waukegan and as a correspondent for the Chicago Tribune. The setting for her first novel is Waukegan.

Biography: DeVon Nelson loved reading books as a small child which established the foundation for her eventual literary career. She would read for hours, never dreaming that one day she too would put pen to paper. A former journalist, DeVon Nelson, published her first romance novel — The Bitter and Sweet Around Me — in 2011. Since then, she has self-published three romance novels, Bitter Can Taste Oh So Sweet, Gotta Find My Way Back, which received a nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Literature from the African American Arts Alliance of Chicago, and her new novel, A Bakery Called Scrumptious.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

A Bakery Called Scrumptious
ISBN: 0578687151 OCLC:

DeVon Publishing 2020

Things are looking up for best friends, Shianne and Michelle. Shianne has a loving husband, a beautiful five-year-old daughter, and has finally realized her childhood dream of starting a bakery; Michelle's card-making business is flourishing, and she's just connected with a drop-dead gorgeous guy. Sparks are flying, dough is rising, and hopes are high. But soon, things get dramatically, hilariously, and terrifyingly complicated. Are several tenacious ex-lovers, the unveiling of a terrible secret, the theft of a giant tub of chicken salad, an unexpected bun in the oven, and a slew of other surprises enough to doom Michelle's new relationship—and Scrumptious Bakery—to failure.