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Deborah Blum

Born: 1954 in Urbana, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: The author was born in Urbana.

Biography: Ms. Blum now teaches journalism at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

  • -- Pulitzer Prize, ''Sacremento Bee Series on Primate Experiments''
  • -- LA Times Book Award, ''Science of Affection''
  • -- NY Times Notable Book of the Year, ''Sex on the Brain''
  • -- Library Journal, ''Monkey Wars''

Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

A field guide for science writers /
ISBN: 0195174992 OCLC: 74496292

Oxford University Press, Oxford [England] ; 2006.

Offers a roadmap to the area of science writing. In this edition, various chapters cover the techniques of good science writing, explanatory writing, writing under deadline, clone and stem-cell research, biology of behaviour and eugenics, mental health, human genetics, as well as making sense of conflicting studies.

Ghost hunters :
ISBN: 0143038958 OCLC: 65538774

Penguin Press, New York : 2006.

Traces how the respected psychologist brother of Henry James set out to gather scientific data proving the existence of ghosts at the end of the nineteenth century, forming the American Society for Psychical Research.

Love at Goon Park :
ISBN: 046502601X OCLC: 694829679

"We take it for granted that we should kiss our children, hug our freinds and comfort our partners. But in the early twentieth century affection between parents and their kids was very much discouraged - psychologists thought it would create needy and demanding offspring: doctors were convinced it would spread infectious diease. It took a revolution in psychology to overturn these beliefs and prove the emotional and intellectual benefits of touch. In Love at Goon Park, Pulitzer Prize winner Deborah Blum charts this profound cultural shift by tracing the story of the man who made it possible. Through studying neglect and its life-altering consequences on primates in his lab., Harry Harlow confirmed love's central role in shaping not only how we feel but also how we think--Publisher description.

Sex on the brain :
ISBN: 0140263489 OCLC: 39451977

Penguin, New York : 1998, ©1997.

Looks at the biology of gender, including such topics as male and female brains, sex differences in emotions, sexual orientation, hormones, and social roles.

Sex on the brain :
ISBN: 9781440621338 OCLC: 457051323

Penguin Books, New York, N.Y. : 2008.

The monkey wars /
ISBN: 019510109X OCLC: 30474839

Oxford University Press, New York : 1994.

A fascinating and very lucid account of the conflicts, both social and psychological, that permeate the keeping and use of monkeys and apes in American laboratories.

The poisoner's handbook :
ISBN: 1594202435 OCLC: 430052048

The untold story of how poison rocked Jazz Age New York City. A pair of forensic scientists began their trailblazing chemical detective work, fighting to end an era when untraceable poisons offered an easy path to the perfect crime. Chief medical examiner Charles Norris and toxicologist Alexander Gettler investigate a family mysteriously stricken bald, factory workers with crumbling bones, a diner serving poisoned pies, and many others. Each case presents a deadly new puzzle and Norris and Gettler create revolutionary experiments to tease out even the wiliest compounds from human tissue. From the vantage of their laboratory it also becomes clear that murderers aren't the only toxic threat--modern life has created a kind of poison playground, and danger lurks around every corner.