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Paul Hornschemeier

Born: 1977 in Cincinnati, Ohio
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: The author moved to Chicago after graduation and began work on Forlorn Funnies. He currently resides in Chicago where he is still at work on the Forlorn Funnies, various music projects, and illustration work for clients from ''This American Life'' to ''Life Magazine''.

Biography: Even as a child Paul thought he might publish his own comic books one day. While majoring in philosophy and psychology at Ohio State, Hornschemeier was introduced to the graphic novel Ghost World by Daniel Clowes and was impressed. He saw that comics could be a venue for exploring issues that are far from superficial. Following graduation he began publishing his own black and white comics.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Other

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers; Children; Young adult readers

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Selected Titles

All and sundry :
ISBN: 9781606992852 OCLC: 432407882

Fantagraphics Books, Seattle, Wash. : 2009.

Collects various comics and sketches by American author and artist Paul Hornschemeier in which he examines the complexities of human nature.

Let us be perfectly clear
ISBN: 1560977523 OCLC: 64964007

Fantagraphics Books, Seattle, WA : 2006.

A series of short stories told in graphic format by Paul Hornschemeier.

Life with Mr. Dangerous :
ISBN: 0345494415 OCLC: 229027057

Villard, New York : ©2011.

"Somewhere in the Midwest, Amy Breis is going nowhere. Amy has a job she hates, a creep boyfriend she's just dumped, and a best friend she can't reach on the phone. But at least her (often painfully passive-aggressive) mother bought her a pink unicorn sweatshirt for her birthday. Pink. Unicorn. For her twenty-sixth birthday. Gliding through the daydreams and realities of a young woman searching for definition ..."--Page 4 of cover.

Mother, come home
ISBN: 9781560979739 OCLC: 227016488

With his clean, distinctive art style and poignant storytelling, up-and-coming indie comics sensation Paul Hornschemeier has earned comparisons to and accolades from today's top graphic novelists. Mother, Come Home is Hornschemeier's graphic novel debut-the quietly stunning tale of a father and son struggling, by varying degrees of escapism and fantasy, to come to terms with the death of the family's mother. The story seamlessly weaves through the surreal and the painfully factual, guided by the careful, somber colors and inventive pacing unique to Hornschmeier's storytelling. Mother, Come Home extracts almost tangible drama from the most tranquil of moments, making that which is unspoken in each panel easily audible, and almost uncomfortably experienced.

Omega :
ISBN: 0785119434 OCLC: 317816034

Marvel Publishing, New York, N.Y. : 2008.

Presents the first ten volumes of the "Omega: The Unknown" comic, which features the adventures of an alien superhero and an orphaned teenage boy who shares his destiny.

Stand on a mountain, look back /
ISBN: 0971359717 OCLC: 49064945

I Don't Get It Graphics, Columbus, OH : 2001.

The three paradoxes /
ISBN: 1560976535 OCLC: 58053600

Fantagraphics, Seattle, WA : 2007.

In this autobiographical story within a story, the creator of a comic strip tale abandons his work temporarily to follow his father on a walk through the small town, recording the places--and events--that had a profound influence on his life as a child.