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David K. Fremon

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Mr. Fremon is a freelance writer in Chicago.



Primary Literary Genre(s): History; Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Young adult readers

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Selected Titles

Chicago politics, ward by ward /
ISBN: 0253313449 OCLC: 17619197

Indiana University Press, Bloomington : ©1988.

The 1983 mayoral primary and general elections proved a watershed in Chicago politics, in which entire wards quit allegiances of the past. New voting patterns formed which generally continued into the 1987 elections. Covers the Council Wars and the election of Harold Washington as Mayor of Chicago in 1983.

Japanese-American internment in American history
ISBN: 0894907670 OCLC: 34194094

Enslow, Springfield, NJ : ©1996.

Includes personal accounts to describe the period in American history when Japanese Americans were detained in internment camps; also, discusses the issues and controversy surrounding the decision.

The Alaska Purchase in American history /
ISBN: 0766011380 OCLC: 40256052

Enslow Publishers, Berkeley Heights, NJ : ©1999.

Traces the history of Alaska through the Russian exploration and settlement to the American purchase of the territory by William Seward in 1867, discussing key personalities and events during this period.

The Great Depression in American history /
ISBN: 0894908812 OCLC: 35223072

Enslow Publishers, Springfield, NJ, USA : ©1997.

Describes the history surrounding the Great Depression, highlighting the causes and key figures.

The Holocaust heroes /
ISBN: 0766010465 OCLC: 37552328

Enslow Publishers, Springfield, NJ : 1998.

Details the efforts of people who risked their own lives to save thousands of Jews and others from Nazi persecution.

The Jim Crow laws and racism in American history /
ISBN: 0766012972 OCLC: 42290349

Enslow Publishers, Berkeley Heights, NJ : ©2000.

Traces the struggles of African Americans from the end of slavery through the period of Jim Crow segregation in the South, to the civil rights movement and legal equality.

  The Negro baseball leagues /
ISBN: 0027356957 OCLC: 29702606

New Discovery Books ; New York : ©1994.

The history of the various Negro league baseball teams, which existed from 1920-1960.

The Salem witchcraft trials in American history
ISBN: 0766011259 OCLC: 38879134

Enslow Publishers, Springfield, NJ : ©1999.

Discusses the issues and controversy surrounding the trials, highlighting possible causes and the key figures.

The trail of tears /
ISBN: 0027357457 OCLC: 28798663

New Discovery Books ; New York : ©1994.

Text and accompanying photographs examine the how and why of the forced migration of Cherokee and Choctaw tribes and shows the impact it made on the lives of Native Americans.

The Watergate scandal in American history /
ISBN: 0894908839 OCLC: 37443408

Enslow Publishers, Springfield, NJ : ©1998.

Explores the people and events surrounding the political scandal that began with a June 1972 burglary and resulted in the resignation of President Nixon, discussing the scandal's effects on American politics and history.