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Dori Dana Hudson

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Ms. Hudson was awarded Writer of the Year in non-fiction by the friends of Lincoln Library in Springfield, Illinois in 1994.

Biography: Dori Dana Hudson is a Chaplain at Bethesda Hospice in St. Louis Mo.


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Selected Titles

Musings of a Mediocre Gardener
ISBN: 0827223331 OCLC:

Chalice Press 2006

This beautiful collection of reflections extols the many gifts of gardening. For master gardeners or would-be gardeners, whether you are growing flowers in pots or an acre of vegetables, every garden yields lessons for life and spiritual nourishment. As Dori Dana Hudson reflects on everything from the purpose of chili peppers to the tenacity of cherry tomatoes, she shares insights that warm our hearts with familiar toils, feed our need to connect with Creation, and remind us that the bounty of the Lord is for all to partake.