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Jane S. Smith

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: The author lives in Chicago and has previously taught at Northwestern.



Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers; Young adult readers

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Selected Titles

Elsie de Wolfe :
ISBN: 068911141X OCLC: 8052670

Atheneum, New York : 1982.

Fool's gold :
ISBN: 1581950357 OCLC: 45556213

Zoland Books, Cambridge, MA : 2001.

  Fool's gold :
ISBN: 9780616634745 OCLC: 1011723607

CNIB, Toronto : 2011.

A New York Review of Books listing for a rental house in the south of France offers the perfect vacation for an artist couple needing a respite. Naturally, not everything lives up to their expectations, but that doesn't matter to their two children, who find a treasury of Celtic gold. 2000.

  Patenting the sun :
ISBN: 038541868X OCLC: 28379805

Anchor/Doubleday, New York : 1991.

The garden of invention :
ISBN: 1594202095 OCLC: 233549237

Penguin Press, New York : 2009.

A chronicle of the life of the celebrated plant breeder evaluates the ways in which his achievements influenced the agricultural industry in early twentieth-century America, in a history that discusses the formative years of bioengineering and agribusiness as they were directly shaped by Burbank's gardening accomplishments.

The garden of invention :
ISBN: 9781101046227 OCLC: 458615921

Penguin Press, New York : 2009.