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Nicholas Temperley

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Nicholas is a professor emeritus of music at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.



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Selected Titles

Studies in English church music, 1550-1900 /
ISBN: 0754659984 OCLC: 289096026

The music of the English parish church
ISBN: 0521220459 OCLC: 4005410

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge ; 1979.

Professor Temperley suggests that the Elizabethan metrical psalm tunes were survivors of a mode of popular music that preceded the familiar corpus of ballad tunes. Passed on by oral transmission through several generations of unregulated singing, these once lively tunes changed gradually into very slow, quavering chants. Temperley guides the reader through the complex social, theological and aesthetic movements that played their part in the formation of the late Victorian ideal of the surpliced choir in every chancel, and he makes a fresh assessment of that old bugbear, the Victorian hymn tune. His findings show that the radical liturgical experiments of the last few years have not dislodged the Victorian model for the music of the English parish church. This volume provides an anthology of parish church music of all kinds from the fifteenth century to the twentieth, newly edited from primary sources for study or for performance [Publisher description].