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John W. Cooley

Born: 1943 in St. Louis, Missouri
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Mr. Cooley lived in Evanston, Il and practiced Law in Chicago.

Biography: N/A


Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Arbitration advocacy /
ISBN: 1556817991 OCLC: 53183410

National Institute for Trial Advocacy, Notre Dame, IN : ©2003.

Creative problem solver's handbook for negotiators and mediators :
ISBN: 159031381X OCLC: 62258001

American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution, with the generous support of the Association Washington, D.C. : ©2005-

International commercial arbitration advocacy :
ISBN: 9781632813114 OCLC: 903936599

Authored by H. Roderic Heard, Susan L. Walker and the late Honorable John W. Cooley, International Commercial Arbitration Advocacy is the first book of its kind to offer practical advice for American trial lawyers on advocacy in international arbitration. Unlike arbitration treatises, which typically are written from the perspective of the arbitrator, International Commercial Arbitration Advocacy explains how experienced trial lawyers can tailor their advocacy skills to be more persuasive and ultimately successful in the international arbitration arena.ReviewsInternational Commercial Arbitration Advocacy is impressive in its candor and practical value (and format). It certainly lives up to its goal of internationalizing the American practitioner through encouraging guidance, rather than being preachy or dictatorial. Hats off to the authors.-Michael Mcllwrath, Associate GC - Litigation, GE Oil& Gas, Florence, Italy

  Mediation Advocacy
ISBN: 9781632814050 OCLC: 903937006

In today's legal world, being an expert in the process of mediation is essential to effective representation. Mediation Advocacy is the perfect companion for a lawyer at any stage of the game, leading you step-by-step through the stages of mediation. Each chapter includes a checklist highlighting key actions at critical stages of the mediation process, helping you think and act strategically from the beginning of any dispute. This edition includes a detailed chapter on cybermediation, as well as sections on various mediation design processes and techniques.Written by a lawyer for lawyers, this book will change the way you practice law.

Mediation advocacy /
ISBN: 1556817800 OCLC: 49936134

National Institute for Trial Advocacy, Notre Dame, Ind. : 2002.

Previous edition, 1st, published in 1996.

Queen of battle /
ISBN: 0738803138 OCLC: 42396733

XLibris Corporation, Princeton, NJ : 1999.

The Arbitrator's Handbook
ISBN: 9781632814319 OCLC: 903937039

The Arbitrator's Handbook offers a full range of features geared to assist the arbitrator in performing his or her duties. Chapter One provides basic information on the nature of arbitration, including a description of its stages and types, and its benefits and limitations. Cooley defines the role, authority, and ethics requirements of the arbitrator. Chapter Two describes the prehearing functions and duties of the arbitrator, focusing on the time of initiation of the arbitration as well as the preparation stage. Chapter Three focuses on the arbitrator's hearing functions and duties. It covers such topics as the arbitrator's opening statement, handling preliminary matters, a review of basic rules of evidence, and making rulings on motions and objections. Chapter Four, on the arbitrator's post-hearing functions and duties, addresses such topics as ruling on post hearing motions, deciding the merits of the case, and drafting the award and the opinion supporting the award. In addition, tables and checklists are included in the appendices for key actions at critical stages of the arbitration process. The appendix also contains sample arbitration forms and rules from leading dispute resolution organizations, making this the most comprehensive text available for hands-on arbitration instruction.

The arbitrator's handbook /
ISBN: 1556819161 OCLC: 56661960

National Institute for Trial Advocacy, South Bend, Ind. : ©2005.

The mediator's handbook :
ISBN: 1556819943 OCLC: 67361661

National Institute for Trial Advocacy, South Bend, Ind. : ©2006.