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Phyllis Schlafly

Born: 1924 in St. Louis, Missouri
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: She lived in Alton, Illinois.

Biography: Phyllis Schlafly, a homemaker turned political activist, is a leading spokeswoman for the conservative viewpoint on issues such as women's rights, national defense, education, the law, and politics. Schlafly's organizational techniques and outspoken personal leadership are often cited as primary reasons for the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in 1982. A tireless worker known for her unflappable demeanor, Schlafly is 'one of the best loved and the most loathed women in the country,' according to New York Review of Books contributor Frances FitzGerald. Supporters and detractors alike concede, however, that Schlafly is enormously successful at galvanizing support and influencing public policy.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

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Selected Titles

  First reader /
ISBN: 0934640246 OCLC: 32169018

Pere Marquette Press, Alton, Ill. : ©1994.

ISBN: 9780737758382 OCLC: 705568331

Greenhaven Press, Detroit : ©2012.

This volume explores the topics relating to gambling by presenting varied expert opinions that examine many of the different aspects that comprise these issues. The viewpoints are selected from a wide range of highly respected and often hard-to-find sources and publications. Allows the reader to attain the higher-level critical thinking and reading skills that are essential in a culture of diverse and contradictory opinions.

Kissinger on the couch /
ISBN: 0870002163 OCLC: 1056882

Living in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where her father is involved in a secret government project in the final months of World War II, thirteen-year-old Mattie carries on a constant debate with her twelve-year-old cousin Virgil about the relative merits of boys versus girls.

  Pornography's victims /
ISBN: 0934640084 OCLC: 15650296

Crossway Books, Westchester, Ill. : ©1987.

The power of the positive woman
ISBN: 0870003739 OCLC: 2875046

Arlington House, New Rochelle, N.Y. : ©1977.

  The power of the positive woman
ISBN: 0515058408 OCLC: 234219794

Arlington House 1977