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James Weber Linn

Died: 1939 in Chicago

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Lived and worked in Illinois.

Biography: James was the nephew of Jane Addams, a well known Chicago columnist, a state representative for Illinois and a professor of composition.


Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Jane Addams :
ISBN: 9780252069048 OCLC: 42980213

University of Illinois Press, Urbana : ©2000.

Jane Addams is most widely remembered as a founder of Hull House, but her social vision extended far beyond Chicago's Halsted Street. Addams worked tirelessly on behalf of a multitude of social causes, including industrial and educational reform, drug laws, sanitation, disaster relief, and food purity. In 1931, she won the Nobel Prize for Peace, a tribute to the decades of energy and eloquence she devoted to eradicating intolerance and elevating human life to a more humane standard. James Weber Linn's life of this forceful public figure offers a rare glimpse of the private Addams, from her childhood and schooling through her first efforts in public service and her rise to a position of national influence. Linn's biography is based on Addams's personal papers, which she turned over to him before she died: files of her manuscripts, published and unpublished, along with all of her letters and papers, from her first valentine to her last speech.

Jane Addams :
ISBN: 140672226X OCLC: 221343151

D. Appleton-Century Company, New York ; 1935.

  The official pictures of a Century of Progress Exposition Chicago, 1933 /
ISBN: 0873400151 OCLC: 30264881

B. Klein Publications, Coral Springs, Fla. : 1993.