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Jack White

Born: Canton, Ohio
Connection to Illinois: White's last assignment in the US Army was in Springfield, Illinois. Two months after retiring from the Army in 2001, the Illinois Secretary of State hired him in Springfield March 2002.

Biography: Jack White and his fraternal twin brother, Steve, were born in Canton, Ohio and lived just outside Dellroy, Ohio most of their lives. White graduated high school May 25, 1973 from Carrolton High School and two months later entered active duty in the US Army and did three years and was later honorably discharged. After graduating high school in late May 1973; he was stationed in Washington, DC and then Form Meade, Maryland until his release July 30, 1976. He married Judy Ann Lanning in Old Fort, North Carolina one year and one month after entering the Army. He met her younger brother David while they were stationed in Washington, DC. Jack and Ann lived in Old Fort for over ten years. He was accepted back on active duty and finished his time towards retirement. They then moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin October 1986 and Fort McCoy February 1994 (military installation - three hours west of Milwaukee). Mid-August 1997 they moved to Asheboro, North Carolina and left there in the summer of 1999 to move to Springfield, Illinois. Jack retired from the Army December 31, 2001. His last assignment was in Springfield, Illinois. Two months after retiring from the Army, the Illinois Secretary of State hired him in March 2002 and he retired in March 2022. At the direction of his Lord and Savior, he began writing Along Life's Way in 1995 when they lived in Western Wisconsin. It's just been recently that the Lord allowed his work to be published. These stories are true and have happened at various times through the years.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Mystery; Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers; Children; Young adult readers


Selected Titles

Along Life's Way: Volume #1
ISBN: 1639033785 OCLC:

Christian Faith Publishing, Inc 2021

During my life's journey, these various stories were told to me; and the Lord had me use them in my books-all four volumes of them. It is my hope and prayer that these stories will help others to see that He will help them too.

The Arrowhead Detectives in The Mystery of the Disappearing Baby

Christian Faith Publishing, Inc 2022

A disappearing baby leads Larry, Ted, Penny, Faith, and Cherry on a dangerous but exciting journey to an old house in Arrowhead County. Why does the baby disappear and then reappear? Is Mrs. Rockler really a fugitive on the run from the law? Will they find Larry before he's blown up? Looking out the living room window, what does Larry see? Why did Larry disappear? How did Ted and Cherry get into their wooden cage that has no doors or windows? Who is that calling the Rivers' residence, pleading for help, and is cut off with a loud and deadly scream? Follow Larry and his friends as they take on these questions to find the answers at the risk of their very lives as they depend on the Lord for help to keep them safe.