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Rob Plaskas

Born: 1977 in Oswego, Illinois
Connection to Illinois: Born in Oswego, with a loving family and close friends, Rob now resides in Springfield.

Biography: Rob Plaskas has been a communications analyst for the Illinois General Assembly since 2004 and is valued by his co-workers and friends. With his learning disability, he labored hard to get his Associates in Science degree from Waubonsee Community College, his Bachelors degree in Communication Studies from Illinois State University, and his Masters degree in Human Services from the University of Illinois Springfield. He loves to go to sporting events and wineries, and to socialize with friends and acquaintances.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers; Children; Young adult readers


Selected Titles

My Fight For Recovery
ISBN: 9781532095115 OCLC: 1144486213

iUniverse, [Place of publication not identified] 2020.

Some would label Rob Plaskas as disabled, while others may call him a victim. Truth be told, he is a survivor and a fighter. “My Fight for Recovery: A Story of Overcoming Life Threatening Brain Surgery” is his first-hand account of the tragedy and terror he experienced, who he was, and what he has become. Over time he learned to confront his circumstances and embrace his new reality. He found courage and strength to reinvent himself and charted his own path to succeed in his new life. This memoir is about his recovery from a brain hemorrhage during brain surgery. It caused the equivalent of a major stroke, leaving him unable to speak, write, read or comprehend, and left him with rightsided paralysis. It caused severe damage to his short-term memory and made him dependent on anti-seizure medicine. His recovery shows how some survivors of severe brain injuries can recover and have a productive life if they work hard at their physical, speech, cognitive, and emotional therapies.