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Rita Woods

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Connection to Illinois: Woods lives in suburban Chicago. She has served on the Homer Glen library board for ten years.

Biography: RITA WOODS is a Board Certified Internist, currently serving as Medical Director of a Wellness Center that serves one of the largest trade unions in the nation. Remembrance is her debut novel.

  • ''Remembrance'',
  • -- Starred Review - Library Journal

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; History

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

ISBN: 1250298458 OCLC: 1097575937

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Remembrance...It's a rumor, a whisper passed in the fields and veiled behind sheets of laundry. A hidden stop on the underground road to freedom, a safe haven protected by more than secrecy...if you can make it there. Ohio, present day. A refugee struggling to rebuild her life in America after the devastating Haitian earthquake is suddenly inexplicably bound to a mysterious old woman who is not at all what she seems. Haiti, 1791, on the brink of revolution. When the slave Abigail is forced from her children to take her mistress to safety, she discovers New Orleans has its own powers. 1857 New Orleans-a city of unrest: Following tragedy, house girl Margot is sold just before her 18th birthday and her promised freedom. Desperate, she escapes and chases a whisper.... Remembrance--