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Alison Blasdell

Connection to Illinois: Bladsell lives in Rochester.

Biography: Alison Bladsell is a retired professor of physiology and nursing at Lincoln Land Community College.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Mystery; Romance

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

The Assassin's Protégé
ISBN: 1699012024 OCLC: 1127643642

Ainsley Jarred has moved to Maui to escape a failed relationship and career. She is unwittingly drawn into a net of espionage when, unbeknownst to her, a man secretly leaves a microchip with her. Ainsley is a retired navy pilot with considerable skill as a martial artist. However, she is no match for the team of assassins sent to retrieve the chip's data. Her life is saved by Dick Jordan, an ex-CIA agent and an assassin himself, but is he here to protect her or kill her once he finds the microchip? Ainsley is forced to travel with him across continents in his quest to unravel the mystery surrounding the chip's data. When the assassins mistakenly target her sister instead of her, Ainsley seeks Dick's help. She asks him to train her, but she is unprepared for the brutality and pain she will experience at his hands.

The Confederates' Physician
ISBN: 1796847186 OCLC: 1102056509

independently published 2019

In 1863, Samantha Carter, recently educated as a physician, disguises herself as a boy and runs away to enlist in the Union Medical Corps. On her way there, she is captured by a Confederate patrol. When the commanding officer, Major Ethan Winters-Hunt, discovers that the Yankee boy is a capable surgeon, he forces her to serve as a surgeon for the Confederate Army. A tenuous friendship develops between Ethan and Sam. When eventually Samantha's identity as a young woman is discovered, the friendship turns into a passionate love that is severely tested by deceit and betrayal as the nation rages in war.

Touch the Sky
ISBN: 1730892191 OCLC: 1089836231

independently published 2018

Jennifer Bracken is visiting the British Museum in London when she falls, hitting her head. While unconscious, she sees life through the eyes of a young priestess from a long-ago Bronze Age civilization. Assuming the experience was the result of striking her head, she discounts the episode and goes to visit her best friend in Scotland. There, at the foothills of The Highlands, the visions return, both frightening and compelling. Each time they occur, Jennifer is drawn deeper into the young priestess Cela's life. Driven to discover if such a Bronze Age society ever existed, she enlists the help of noted archaeologist, Derek Rannoch. Derek is astonished by Jennifer's detailed descriptions of that era. He demands to see the source of her information in exchange for his assistance. Jennifer refuses, but she needs his archaeological expertise. She must find a way to convince him to help her, for an uneasy feeling begins to overtake her. As Derek and Jennifer's turbulent--and often antagonistic--relationship develops, Jennifer is inexplicably drawn to him, feeling safe in his presence, but safe from what?