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Samantha Kleinschmit

Pen Name: Samantha James, Sandra James

Connection to Illinois: Kleinschmit grew up in Joliet.

Biography: Sandra Kleinschmit began writing contemporany romance novels with her real name, later she used the penname Sandra James and now she writes historical novels as Samantha James. Her books have appeared on numerous bestseller lists, including the USA Today and the New York Times. Known for her emotionally charged 'three-hanky reads', Samantha's books have been nominated for numerous Romantic Times awards, including the Career Achievement Award for Historical Romance.

  • """My Cherished Enemy"""
  • -- Best First Medieval Romance
  • """Every Wish Fulfilled"""
  • -- Best British Isles Historical Romance
  • """Gabriel's Bride"""
  • -- Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Romance

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

A perfect bride /
ISBN: 0739444727 OCLC: 58806023

Avon Books, New York : ©2004.

A perfect groom /
ISBN: 0739447408 OCLC: 58806025

Avon Books, New York : ©2004.

A perfect hero /
ISBN: 0739456075 OCLC: 65188680

Avon Books, New York, N.Y. : ©2005.

Bride of a wicked Scotsman /
ISBN: 0060899409 OCLC: 310129814

Avon Books, New York : ©2009.

"Lady Maura O'Donnell swore to her father on his deathbed that she'd recover the Circle of Light, an enchanted Celtic relic that had brought the family prosperity until it was stolen a century earlier by a notorious pirate. Now the pirate's descendant, the Duke of Gleneden, holds this rare treasure, and Maura would give anything to get it back . . .Alec McBride knows when he's been had. Lady Maura tricked him into marriage with the expertise of a born seductress, and now she'll pay for her treachery. He'll ravish her, tempt her, tame her until she sorely wishes she'd never heard of the Duke of Gleneden. Caught up in their game of revenge, Alec and Maura never notice what is happening in their hearts until it's too late"--Back cover.

Every wish fulfilled /
ISBN: 0380786079 OCLC: 36113033

Avon Books, New York : ©1997.

Gabriel's bride /
ISBN: 0380775476 OCLC: 30372748

Avon Books, New York : ©1994.

Trapped by duty - and the demands of his cruel, unyielding father - Lord Gabriel Sinclair, the dark and moody Earl of Wakefield, is being forced to find a bride. But Gabriel plans an exquisite revenge on his cold-hearted parent: wedding the sultry, low-born Yankee wench who tried to steal his watch. Ragged and beautiful Cassie McClellan is desperate to escape her life of poverty - and, therefore, willingly accepts the handsome, arrogant aristocrat's offer of marriage in name only. But neither is prepared for the awakening passions that will bind their fragile, damaged hearts - or the blistering, sensual need that compels them both to surrender body and soul.

His wicked promise /
ISBN: 0380805871 OCLC: 45029994

Avon Books, New York : ©2000.

His wicked ways /
ISBN: 0380805863 OCLC: 42319174

Avon Books, New York : ©1999.

Cameron MacKay's bold plan to kidnap his sworn enemy's daughter runs afoul of love when he falls under the enchanting Meredith's spell.

Just one kiss /
ISBN: 0380775492 OCLC: 34222721

Avon Books, New York : 1996.

Married at midnight /
ISBN: 038078615X OCLC: 35315241

Avon Books, New York : 1996.

Celebrate that glorious, magical moment of new beginnings with four uncertain couples joined by a passionate promise--and surprised by unforeseen love. Here is the sequel to the New York Times bestseller Three Weddings and a Kiss.

My cherished enemy /
ISBN: 0380766922 OCLC: 25770740

Avon Books, New York : ©1992.

My rebellious heart /
ISBN: 0380769379 OCLC: 27824965

Avon Books, New York : ©1993.

Determined to avenge her father's death, Princess Shana lures Thorne de Wilde, Earl of Weston, into the forest to have him killed, but finds that her feelings for him may ruin her plans.

One moonlit night /
ISBN: 0380786095 OCLC: 40281925

Avon Books, New York : ©1998.

Forced to leave her vicarage home, Olivia Sherwood takes employment with Dominic St. Bride, the Earl of Ravenwood, with whom she falls in love and who is haunted by his illegitimate birth.

Outlaw heart /
ISBN: 0380769360 OCLC: 842142073

Avon Books, New York : ©1993.

The secret passion of Simon Blackwell /
ISBN: 0060896450 OCLC: 86222631

Avon Books, New York, New York : ©2007.

Determined to deny his emotions and desires, the reclusive Simon Blackwell seeks refuge in the remote wilds of the moors, cutting himself off from the world, but during a rare trip to London, he comes face to face with the beautiful Annabel McBride, a tempting young woman who tests his resolve to never seek love again.

The seduction of an unknown lady /
ISBN: 0060896493 OCLC: 865266704

HarperCollins, New York : ©2008.

When she encounters Lord Aidan McBride on a moonlit street, Fionna Hawkes, who knows nothing about seduction, is instantly drawn to him and longs to share a secret that could cost her livelihood and her life.

The sins of Viscount Sutherland /
ISBN: 0061765546 OCLC: 670475076

Avon, New York : ©2011.

"Claire Ashcroft has good reason to despise Viscount Grayson Sutherland. A wildly unpredictable man with a frightening reputation, Sutherland is responsible for a death that deeply pains her. She'd kill him if she could. Instead, she'll employ her feminine wiles to make him pay. And once he's deeply, irreversibly in love with her, she'll shatter his vulnerable heart. Her scheme works perfectly ... too perfectly."--Page 4 of cover.

The truest heart /
ISBN: 038080588X OCLC: 47053658

Avon Books, New York : ©2001.

"Her name is her only crime, yet Lady Gillian must take refuge in a humble cottage on the on the stormy Cornish coast, hiding from a king who seeks her death for her father's treason.Now destiny has sent Gillian a cure for her loneliness: a handsome shipwrecked stranger washed ashore on a perilous tide who requires a kind lady's gentle touch to heal his broken body and tormented spirit. His own name -- Gareth -- is all that he remembers.Yet he knows he has found paradise in the company of an exquisite beauty whose caress is sweet rapture and whose smile warms his soul.But as his memories slowly return, so does the dark task entrusted to him by King John.If he fails, a young boy will surely perish.Yet how can he betray Gillian, whose passionate love has lit a blaze in Gareth's heart that no vengeful king's decree could ever extinguish?"--Publisher description.

Three times a bride /
ISBN: 0061971804 OCLC: 456180820

Avon Books, New York : ©2010.

"Three brides, three beginnings, three stories of incomparable romance"--Page 4 of cover.