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Joseph P. Schwieterman

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Schwieterman lives in the south suburbs.

Biography: Joseph P. Schwieterman is a nationally known authority on air, bus, and train travel. He has spent more than three decades studying the country's ever-changing transportation system. A professor in the School of Public Service, he is also the Director of the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development at DePaul University. Since joining the School of Public Service at DePaul, he has built strong links to area transportation organizations and works closely with DePaul's Real Estate Center.He holds a masters of transportation from Northwestern University and Ph.D. in public policy studies at the University of Chicago. Schwieterman is president of the Chicago chapter of the Transportation Research Forum and a member of the Midway Historians, Shore Line Interurban Historical Society, and Midwest High Speed Rail Association. He is a memeber of the Amercian Planning Association and a regular on WBBM News Radio 780 (CBS) and National Public Radio.


Primary Literary Genre(s): History; Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Air cargo and the opening of China :
ISBN: 962201612X OCLC: 33897579

Published for the Hong Kong Centre for Economic Research by the Chinese University Press, Hong Kong : ©1993.

Beyond Burnham :
ISBN: 9780982315613 OCLC: 359167010

Lake Forest College Press, Lake Forest, IL : 2009.

This illustrated book - Beyond Burnham: An Illustrated History of Planning for the Chicago Regionprovides a fascinating account of a century of visionary planning for metropolitan Chicago. From Daniel H. Burnham and Edward H. Bennett's famed 1909 Plan of Chicago to the push for superhighways and battles over urban sprawl, the book showcases an illustrated portrait of the big personalities and the big plans they espoused. The human face of planning appears in the interplay between public officials and citizen advocates. Powerful institutions - the Chicago Plan Commission and Regional Transportation Authority, among others - emerge to promote metropolitan goals. Some efforts succeed while others fail, but the work of planners lives on in efforts to shape new visions for the region's future. Schwieterman and Mammoser's brisk history, with its numerous maps and historical photographs, will at once entertain, inform, and engage in the spirit of this great metropolitan region.--Jacket.

Shaping contemporary suburbia :
ISBN: 0967906113 OCLC: 48624172

Index Pub. Co., Chicago, IL : ©2001.

Terminal town :
ISBN: 0982315694 OCLC: 879583825

Take an historical tour of Chicago's railroad stations, airports, bus depots and steamship wharves. Showcasing great icons of transportation, Schwieterman illustrates why the "Windy City" so richly deserves its reputation as America's premier travel hub.

The politics of place :
ISBN: 1893121267 OCLC: 64685933

Lake Claremont Press, Chicago, IL : 2006.

Voices from the past, visions for the future :
ISBN: 0967906105 OCLC: 44049499

Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development, Chicago, IL : ©2000.

When the railroad leaves town :
ISBN: 0943549981 OCLC: 45707634

Truman State University Press, Kirksville, MO : ©2001-©2004.

When the railroad leaves town :
ISBN: 1931112134 OCLC: 56968524

Truman State University Press, Kirksville, Mo. : 2004.

This book tells the story of closing rail lines from historic junctions, aging industrial centers, agricultural villages, and familiar tourist destinations throughout the eastern half of the United States. Joseph Schwieterman takes a look at events that contributed to the demise of railroads in 64 towns and cities distinguished by their notable railroad histories or unusual experiences with rail line abandonment. Rail line abandonment claimed more than half of U.S. rail route mileage during the past 50 years and is accompanied by controversial and unexpected developments--events affecting communities years after the last train departed. This book is a concise narrative, with contrasting photos of local train stations in their prime and after abandonment.