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Daniel Pinkwater

Born: 1941 in Memphis, Tennessee
Pen Name: Daniel Manus Pinkwater, Daniel Manus, Daniel M Pinkwater, D Manus Pinkwater

Connection to Illinois: Pinkwater's family moved to Chicago when he was two years old. When he was eight, the family moved to Los Angeles. He moved back to Chicago as a teenager and graduated from Lake View High School.

Biography: Daniel Pinkwater is and author, illustrator and radio commentator on National Public Radio. He has presented on NPR's ''All Thing Considered'' and been a book reviewer on NPR's ''Weekend Edition Saturday''. He currently resides in New York.

  • -- American Library Association Notable Book for ''Lizard Music'', 1976
  • -- New York Times Outstanding Book for ''The Last Guru'', 1978
  • -- Children's Choice, International Reading Association/Children's Book Council for ''The Wuggie
  • -- Norple Daniel Pinkwater Sto

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Illustrator; Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers; Children; Young adult readers


Selected Titles

4 fantastic novels
ISBN: 0689834888 OCLC: 44639028

Aladdin Paperbacks, New York : 2000.

Combines four novels by children's book writer and National Public Radio commentator Daniel Pinkwater into one volume.

Adventures of a cat-whiskered girl
ISBN: 9780547550022 OCLC: 441152075

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Boston : 2010.

Big Audrey, who has cat-like whiskers, and her telephathic friend Molly set out on a journey to find out why flying saucers are landing behind the old stone barn in Poughkeepsie, New York, and, more importantly, to determine whether another cat-whiskered girl really exists.

Adventures of a Dwergish girl /
ISBN: 1616963360 OCLC: 1192356755

Molly O'Malley is a clever, adventurous girl. She is also a Dwerg. Dwergs are strange folks who live very quietly in the Catskill mountains, have lots of gold, and are kind of like dwarves (but also not!). Molly isn't interested in cooking and weaving, as she is expected to be. So, she sets off to see the world for herself. Which means a new job, a trip to New York City, prowling gangsters, an adorable king, a city witch, and many historical ghosts. More importantly, it means excellent pizza, new friends, and very quick thinking. Now someone is pursuing the Dwergs for their gold. Can Molly O'Malley save the day?--

ALan Mendelsohn, the boy from Mars
ISBN: 0553240706 OCLC: 26079534

Bantam Books, Toronto ; ©1979

Leonard's life at his new junior high is just barely tolerable until he becomes friends with the unusual Alan and with him shares an extraordinary adventure.

At the Hotel Larry
ISBN: 0761451781 OCLC: 55661985

Marshall Cavendish, New York : 1997.

A young girl and Larry, the polar bear who lives in her father's hotel, enjoy each other's company and, on an outing to the zoo, they discover Larry's brother Roy.

Aunt Lulu
ISBN: 0027746615 OCLC: 17508496

Macmillan, New York : ©1988.

Tired of working as a librarian in Alaska, Aunt Lulu takes her sled and her fourteen Huskies and moves to Parsippany, New Jersey.

Author's day
ISBN: 0689817053 OCLC: 37679997

Aladdin Paperbacks, New York : 1997, ©1993.

In this comedy of errors, a famous children's author visits an elementary school.

Bad bears in the big city :
ISBN: 9780618689521 OCLC: 50851969

Irving and Muktuk, two muffin-eating polar bears from the frozen north, have some trouble fitting into life at the zoo in Bayone, New Jersey.

Bear in love /
ISBN: 0763645699 OCLC: 772771686

Candlewick Press, Somerville, Mass. : 2012.

A bear with a secret admirer who leaves sweet, crunchy treats outside his cave each night tries to repay the kindness with honey, but comes to find out that his new friend is smaller, cuter, and fonder of carrots than any bear.

Beautiful Yetta :
ISBN: 0312558244 OCLC: 466344347

Feiwel and Friends, New York, NY : 2010.

Yetta, the beautiful chicken, breaks free from the truck that is carrying her to market. She quickly realizes the big city is nothing like the chicken farm. She is scared and confused until she meets and saves the life of a little, green parrot.

Big Bob and the Halloween potatoes
ISBN: 0439042429 OCLC: 40354663

Scholastic, New York : ©2000.

Despite the insistence of her second-grade teacher that their Halloween celebration will focus on pumpkins, Big Gloria finds a way to introduce her favorite vegetable, the potato.

Big Bob and the Thanksgiving potatoes
ISBN: 9780590640954 OCLC: 38890742

Scholastic, New York : ©1998.

Big Bob and Big Gloria, who are friends because they are both large for their age, start a new trend when their second-grade class is supposed to make turkey decorations for Thanksgiving.

Big Bob and the winter holiday potato
ISBN: 0439042437 OCLC: 40423510

Scholastic, New York : ©1999.

For their second-grade class celebration of Kwaanza, Chanukah, Christmas and all other winter holidays, Gloria and Big Bob write a play about Potato Claus, friend to children everywhere.

Blue moose ; and Return of the moose
ISBN: 0679847170 OCLC: 28632896

Bullseye Books, New York : 1993.

The adventures of a talking blue moose, who moves in with Mr. Breton and helps him run his restaurant on the edge of the big north woods.

Bongo Larry
ISBN: 0761451897 OCLC: 60410421

Marshall Cavendish, New York : 2004.

Larry the polar bear's new interest in playing the bongos leads to an impromptu performance with Big Bear at the Cafe Mama Bear.

ISBN: 0689716206 OCLC: 25008622

Aladdin Books ; New York : 1992.

Melvin recounts his extraordinary adventures in time and space with his 111-year-old sort of great-Uncle Borgel.

Bushman lives! /
ISBN: 0547385390 OCLC: 772099803

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Boston : 2012.

In the 1960s, Harold Knishke, a Chicago teenager with a special place in his heart for Bushman, the famed departed gorilla of the Lincoln Park Zoo, embarks on a hometown adventure, in a quest to become a great artist and figure out how he became the object of a famous folk song.

Cone Kong :
ISBN: 0439216788 OCLC: 45667836

Scholastic, New York : 2001.

When a gigantic wild ice cream cone runs off with the girlfriend of Captain Charles Handsome, the adventurer captures Cone Kong and takes him back to the Big City.

Doodle flute
ISBN: 0027746356 OCLC: 22111121

Macmillan ; New York : ©1991.

Relates how Kevin Spoon acquired a doodle flute and made a friend.

Fat camp commandos go West
ISBN: 0439297737 OCLC: 52840921

Scholastic, New York : [2003], ©2002.

After Ralph and Sylvia Nebula flee a fat camp ashram to join their friend Mavis at a dude ranch, they help her unite the Western town's factions by preparing for the arrival of an unidentified flying object.

Fat men from space /
ISBN: 0440445426 OCLC: 3000969

Through his radio tooth, William learns of an invasion by spacemen who are taking all of earth's supply of junk food. Thousands of them landed on Earth grabbing up all the junk food they could find. William knew it would get worse, but he was being held captive on a spaceship. What could he do!

Fish whistle :
ISBN: 0201517892 OCLC: 19396615

A collection of seventy-two short humor pieces with commentaries.

Four Different Stories.
ISBN: 9780486822600 OCLC: 1048923749

Dover Publications, Newburyport : 2018.

These four different stories - collected for the very first time - abound in hilarious situations and characters. Includes Wingman, Fat Men from Space, The Magic Goose and The Muffin Fiend.

Friends forever :
ISBN: 0439763142 OCLC: 60563314

Scholastic, New York : 2005.

Four friendship stories bound in a single volume.

  Goose night
ISBN: 0679846549 OCLC: 31517658

Random House, New York : 1996.

Seymour Semolina, a boy who loves to read, awakes to find a talking goose in his room and the two share an adventurous nighttime flight.

Guys from space
ISBN: 0689715900 OCLC: 23973252

Aladdin Books ; New York : 1992.

A boy accompanies some guys from space on a visit to another planet, where they discover such incredibly amazing things as talking rocks and root beer with ice cream.

I was a second grade werewolf
ISBN: 0525440380 OCLC: 8806216

E.P. Dutton, New York : ©1983.

Though he has turned into a werewolf, his parents, teacher, and classmates still see him as Lawrence Talbot, second-grader.

Ice-cream Larry
ISBN: 0761451862 OCLC: 57246179

Marshall Cavendish, New York : 2004, ©1999.

After he eats an eighth of a ton of ice cream at Cohen's Cones, Larry the polar bear happily becomes the spokesbear for the Iceberg Ice-Cream Company under the slogan, I do not feel sick.

Irving and Muktuk :
ISBN: 0618382763 OCLC: 53366433

Houghton Mifflin, Boston : ℗2003.

Two muffin-loving polar bears make a yearly attempt to use stealth and subterfuge to get muffins at the Yellowtooth Blueberry Muffin Festival.

Java Jack
ISBN: 0690039956 OCLC: 6041121

Crowell, New York : ©1980.

When Jack travels to the Indonesian island of Maggasang to search for his missing anthropologist parents, he begins a series of incredible adventures which take him outside the universe.

Jolly Roger, a dog of Hoboken
ISBN: 0688038999 OCLC: 10949727

Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books, New York : ©1985.

Chronicles the adventures of the remarkable canine who became the undisputed king of Hoboken's dockside dogs.

ISBN: 1419751948 OCLC: 1237252063

Lizard music
ISBN: 1681371847 OCLC: 970035636

Victor's parents go away for two weeks. It is while staying up late watching television that he discovers evidence of a secret community of intelligent lizards. In fact there seems to have been an invasion from outer space that went almost unnoticed.

Looking for Bobowicz :
ISBN: 0060535563 OCLC: 62875807

HarperTrophy, New York, NY : 2006, ©2004.

Upon moving to Hoboken, New Jersey, a boy convinces his two new friends to help him track down the mysterious phantom who stole his bicycle, as well as Arthur Bobowicz, owner of a giant chicken that once terrorized local citizens.

Magic camera.
ISBN: 039606910X OCLC: 2696023

Dodd, Mead New York, [1974]

A little boy is presented with an old camera that seems to have a special magic.

Mrs. Noodlekugel /
ISBN: 0763650536 OCLC: 698624788

Nick and Maxine have a new babysitter--the eccentric Mrs. Noodlekugel who lives in the funny little house behind their drab high-rise apartment building along with her feline butler, Mr. Fuzzface, and four farsighted mice.

Mrs. Noodlekugel and Drooly the bear /
ISBN: 9780763666453 OCLC: 889164009

"In a wonderfully loopy third episode, Nick and Maxine are surprised to meet Captain Noodlekugel, back from the sea with a somewhat untrainable bear."

Mrs. Noodlekugel and four blind mice /
ISBN: 0763650544 OCLC: 825046527

When Mrs. Noodlekugel's four mice make a terrible mess with cookie crumbs at tea, she decides to take them on the bus to visit the eye doctor-- and invites Nick and Maxine to come along!

Mush's jazz adventure
ISBN: 0689845766 OCLC: 48494104

Aladdin, New York : 2002.

Mush, a dog from the planet Growf-Woof-Woof, relates how she came to be on Earth, and how she and three other animals formed a jazz ensemble that foiled a band of ice cream parlor robbers.

Mush, a dog from space
ISBN: 0689848005 OCLC: 49530127

Aladdin Paperbacks, New York : 2002.

Kelly, who has wanted a pet dog for a long time, runs into a highly-educated, mushamute dog from the planet Growf-Woof-Woof.

Pickle creature
ISBN: 0590075799 OCLC: 4495156

Four Winds Press, New York : ©1979.

Instead of the pickle his grandmother asked him to get at the supermarket, Conrad brings home a pickle creature.

Picture books for looking and learning :
ISBN: 089774716X OCLC: 25872519

Oryx Press, Phoenix, Ariz. : 1992.

Grade level: 1, 2, 3, 4, k, p, e, t.

  Pirate de l'espace
ISBN: 2081642638 OCLC: 465744478

Flammarion, [Paris] : 1997

Roger's umbrella
ISBN: 0525442235 OCLC: 15799128

Dutton, New York : 1985, ©1982.

Roger's umbrella becomes increasingly more wild and uncontrollable until he meets three old ladies who teach him how to talk to it.

Sleepover Larry
ISBN: 9781477847657 OCLC: 884497492

After little Mildred Frobisher has a sleepover at the hotel where she lives with her parents and Larry the polar bear, Larry decides that he too would like to host a sleepover for his friends.

  Snarkout boys and the avocado of death.
ISBN: 0451158520 OCLC: 231796384

Nal Dutton, [Place of publication not identified] : 1983.

Spaceburger :
ISBN: 0027746437 OCLC: 27937943

Macmillan ; New York : ©1993.

Kevin Spoon and Mason Mintz walk six miles to attend the opening of a new Spaceburger restaurant.

Superpuppy :
ISBN: 0618130489 OCLC: 47521437

Clarion Books, New York : ©2002.

A guide to buying, training, and caring for a dog, with special emphasis on understanding its personality, feelings, and reactions to new situations.

The afterlife diet
ISBN: 0738804002 OCLC: 123550565

Xlibris, [Place of publication not identified] : [2007?]

A comic fantasy set in heaven on the subject of obesity. The protagonist is Milton Cramer, an obese editor who is murdered for rejecting an author's manuscript. The novel is a satire on weight-conscious America by a Jewish humorist.

The Artsy Smartsy Club
ISBN: 0060535571 OCLC: 55764218

HarperCollins, New York : ©2005.

After three Hoboken children and their giant chicken Henrietta begin to appreciate beautiful sidewalk art, they venture into art class and visits to Manhattan.

The big orange splot
ISBN: 9781439554920 OCLC: 2542600

Hastings House, New York : ©1977.

When a seagull drops a can of orange paint on his neat house, Mr. Plumbean gets an idea that affects his entire neighborhood.

The education of Robert Nifkin /
ISBN: 0374319693 OCLC: 37836706

Set in the 1950s in Chicago, Robert Nifkin tells his highly unorthodox high school experiences in the form of a college application essay.

The Hoboken chicken emergency /
ISBN: 1416928103 OCLC: 2464632

Arthur goes to pick up the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner but comes back with a 260-pound chicken.

The last guru
ISBN: 0553150618 OCLC: 6391622

Bantam Books, New York : 1980, ©1978.

One harmless bet on a horse race starts a chain of events that turns a 12-year-old into one of the world's richest people and a spiritual guru.

The lunchroom of doom
ISBN: 0689838468 OCLC: 45107267

Atheneum Books for Young Readers, New York : ©2000.

After one of its members is banned from the school lunchroom, the Watson Elementary School Werewolf Club has lunch at Tom's Tibetan-American Lunchroom, where they run into alien meatballs.

The Magic Moscow
ISBN: 0689717105 OCLC: 26764505

Aladdin ; New York : 1993.

Relates the adventures of Edward, grandson of a famous television sled dog, with his owner Steve, who manages a Hoboken ice cream stand.

The moosepire
ISBN: 0316708119 OCLC: 12943604

Little, Brown, Boston : ©1986.

The talking blue moose attempts to unravel the riddle of the Moospire, a vampire moose that reportedly lurks near the town of Yellow Tooth.

The muffin fiend
ISBN: 055315544X OCLC: 17392530

Wolfgang Amadeaus Mozart helps Inspector LeChat catch the thief who is stealing all the muffins of Europe.

The Neddiad :
ISBN: 0618594442 OCLC: 76183071

When shoelace heir Neddie Wentworthstein and his family take the train from Chicago to Los Angeles in the 1940s, he winds up in possession of a valuable Indian turtle artifact whose owner is supposed to be able to prevent the impending destruction of the world, but he is not sure exactly how.

The phantom of the lunch wagon
ISBN: 0027746410 OCLC: 25283086

Macmillan ; New York : ©1992.

Chris Kevin-Keith fixes up and reopens an abandoned lunch wagon, unaware that it originally closed because it was haunted by a scary phantom.

The picture of Morty & Ray
ISBN: 0066237858 OCLC: 49011297

HarperCollins, New York : c2003.

Inspired by a movie plot, Morty and Ray paint pictures of each other and then do mean things at school to see if their portraits will become ugly.

  The terrible roar
ISBN: 0394904885 OCLC: 102450

Knopf, New York : ©1970.

Each time the little lion opens his mouth, he roars, and each roar causes something around him to disappear.

The Werewolf Club
ISBN: 9781439553008 OCLC: 246901691

Paw Prints 2008.

The Werewolf Club meets Dorkula
ISBN: 0689838476 OCLC: 49903307

Atheneum Books for Young Readers, New York : ©2001.

A new student who claims to be a vampire joins the Watson Elementary School Werewolf Club, but the werewolves discover his true secret when fruits and vegetables begin to disappear all over town.

The Werewolf Club meets Oliver Twit
ISBN: 0689845715 OCLC: 50530509

Aladdin Paperbacks, New York : 2002.

Mr. Talbot has taken the Werewolf Club to London! Unfortunately, they made the trip in Uncle H.G. Talbot's unreliable time-and-space machine, and they've arrived in 1890 London--where it might be a tad difficult to buy the 212 double-A batteries they need for the machine to get them home.

The Werewolf Club meets the Hound of the Basketballs
ISBN: 9780689845758 OCLC: 46872419

Aladdin Paperbacks, New York : 2001.

The Watson Elementary School Werewolf Club goes on a field trip to Basketball Hall, where Sir Hugo hopes they will solve the mystery of the hound which has plagued his family for generations.

The Wuggie Norple story
ISBN: 0440848792 OCLC: 25150240

Trupmet Club, New York : ©1980, (1991 printing)

The family's new pet kitten grows at such a ridiculous rate that the father must bring home animals to compare its size each day.

The Yggyssey :
ISBN: 0618594450 OCLC: 213407287

In the mid-1950s, Yggdrasil Birnbaum and her friends, Seamus and Neddie, journey to Old New Hackensack, which is on another plane, to try to learn why ghosts are disappearing from the Birnbaum's hotel and other Hollywood, California, locations.

Three big hogs
ISBN: 0816431469 OCLC: 1207394

Seabury Press, New York : ©1975.

While searching for a comfortable new home, three domestic hogs run into some unexpected and alarming situations, including hostile residents and police, a butcher's shop, and a fierce forest hog.

Tooth-Gnasher Superflash
ISBN: 0689714076 OCLC: 20595593

Macmillan Pub. Co. ; New York : 1990, ©1981.

The Popsnorkle family test drives the Tooth-Gnasher Superflash, pleased with the car's ability to turn into several different animals.

Uncle Boris in the Yukon, and other shaggy dog stories
ISBN: 0156027151 OCLC: 49226281

Harcourt, San Diego : 2002.

With the candor and wit that he's known for, Daniel Pinkwater shares heartfelt and often peculiar reflections on the dogs (and other assorted creatures) that have shaped his life and family traditions. Pinkwater begins with the tale of his colorful Uncle Boris, who sets off on a trek from Warsaw to the Yukon in search of gold. Along the way he strikes up a curious friendship with Jake, the lead dog in his team of malamutes, who, as it happens, converses in perfect Yiddish. This is the first in a series of delightful anecdotes that introduce a curious cast of canines, including a couple of wolf breeds, a Labrador retriever, a few more malamutes, a chow chow, a mutt, and even a Pekinese, among others. A mordantly funny and smartly entertaining mix of memoir and fancy (Booklist), Uncle Boris in the Yukon shows us a world where, though Pinkwater is top dog, it's the four-legged companions who steal the show.

Uncle Melvin
ISBN: 0027746755 OCLC: 18987355

Macmillan, New York : ©1989.

Charles enjoys spending time with his gentle Uncle Melvin, even though Melvin harbors strange delusions about his own power to talk to the birds or control the rain.

Wallpaper from space
ISBN: 0689807643 OCLC: 32922892

Atheneum Books for Young Readers, New York : 1996.

At bedtime, a young boy enters the outer space-patterned wallpaper in his room and has adventures with a band of spacemice.

ISBN: 0027744116 OCLC: 22422812

Macmillan Pub. Co. ; New York : ©1991.

At the height of his vampire craze, Jonathan meets some real vampires and finds they are not quite what he expected.

Wizard crystal
ISBN: 0396067042 OCLC: 640199

Dodd, Mead & Co., New York : ©1973.

A wizard is determined to get the wonderful crystal at the bottom of the lake.

Wolf Christmas
ISBN: 0760735107 OCLC: 55484639

Backpack Books, New York : 2002.

Young adult novel
ISBN: 0690041888 OCLC: 7737616

The Wild Dada Ducks initiate drasitc changes when the school authorities object to their wearing fish neckties and bicycle wheels to school. Their ingenuity knows no bounds as they create a true high school hero from a total nerd. The powerful Kevin Shapiro counters chaos and ultimately squelches revolution with Grape-Nuts, leaving anyone who reads this thrilling story wishing he hadn't. -- Jacket flap.

Young Larry
ISBN: 0761451773 OCLC: 55983274

Marshall Cavendish, New York : 2004.

After being hit on the head by his mother and told to fend for himself, Larry the polar bear floats from Baffin Bay to New Jersey where he gets a job as a lifeguard.