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Madeleine Kuderick

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Kuderick grew up in Oak Park.

Biography: Madeleine Kuderick grew up in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago. She now lives on Florida’s Gulf Coast. ''Kiss of Broken Glass'' is her debut novel.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Young adult readers

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Selected Titles

  Kiss of broken glass
ISBN: 9780062345653 OCLC: 890718860

My name is Kenna. No one ever told me the truth about cutting--How scars multiply like freaking rabbits. How cutting turns you into a pathological liar. How getting caught lands you in a psych ward with no way out for 72 hours. But that's exactly what happens. To me anyway. And I bet you wonder how anyone could ever change--in just three days, in a place like this where everybody's broken. Trust me. I wonder that myself ...

  Kiss of broken glass /
ISBN: 0062306561 OCLC: 885211660

When fifteen-year-old Kenna is found cutting herself in the school bathroom, she is sent to a facility for a mandatory psychiatric watch. There Kenna meets other kids like her -- her roommate, Donya, who's there for her fifth time; the birdlike Skylar; and Jag, a boy cute enough to make her forget her problems ... for a moment.