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Julie Kistler

Born: 1956 in Peoria, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Kistler was born in Peoria, Illinois and attended the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. She currently resides in Central Illinois.

Biography: Julie Kistler was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois but moved to the Chicago area for high school. She attended the University of Illinois, and graduated with a BA in history. She earned a law degree from the University of Illinois and moved to Minnesota to be a lawyer. In 1985, Kistler left the legal world to be a full-time writer. She moved back home to Illinois in 1989, and has lived in Central Illinois ever since. A lifetime movie and theater lover, Julie began a side career as a theater critic for the ''Champaign News-Gazette'' in 1990. She is also on the Board of Directors of Heartland Theatre, in Bloomington, Illinois.

  • -- Finalist for Romance Writers of America's Rita Award for ''Black Jack Brogan'', 1994
  • -- Waldenbooks Bestseller for ''Fantasy Wife'', 1995
  • -- Nominated as one of Affaire de Coeur's Top Ten Favorite Authors, 1995
  • -- Nominated for Romantic Times' Best Duets of th

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

  50 ways to lure your lover
ISBN: 9781459274709 OCLC: 779364448

Harlequin Books, Toronto ; ©1999.

50 ways to lure your lover /
ISBN: 0373440650 OCLC: 41175373

Harlequin Books, Toronto ; ©1999.

Always a bridesmaid
ISBN: 0373162669 OCLC: 18603391

Harlequin Books, Toronto ; ©1988.

Best wishes
ISBN: 0373163290 OCLC: 20980746

Harlequin Books, Toronto ; 1990.

Black Jack Brogan.
ISBN: 0373164858 OCLC: 28023842

Harlequin Books, Toronto : 1993.

  Buscando al hombre perfecto
ISBN: 9788468787862 OCLC: 984511268

Aquel hombre tenía que ser para ella... y para nadie másLa correcta y responsable Nell McCabe todavía no podía creer que se hubiera convertido en la presentadora de un provocativo programa de radio. Estaba dispuesta a hacer casi cualquier cosa con tal de salvar la emisora, pero organizar aquella enorme fiesta de San Valentín en la que tendría que emparejar a los oyentes en antena... Finalmente accedió a hacerlo... entonces apareció el sexy señor Jones y le cortó la respiración. Lo último que iba a hacer era emparejarlo con otra mujer que no fuera ella.

Christmas in July
ISBN: 0373162073 OCLC: 16458829

Harlequin Books, Toronto ; ©1987.

Christmas in toyland
ISBN: 0373164181 OCLC: 24661803

Harlequin Books, Toronto ; 1991.

Cinderella at the Firecracker Ball
ISBN: 0373165110 OCLC: 29180550

Harlequin Books, Toronto ; ©1993.

  Cut to the chase
ISBN: 9781474018456 OCLC: 898156397

Fantasy wife /
ISBN: 0373165935 OCLC: 32918819

Harlequin Books, Toronto ; ©1995.

Finn's angel
ISBN: 0373164718 OCLC: 27143230

Harlequin Books, Toronto ; 1993.

  Flannery's rainbow.
ISBN: 0373587635 OCLC: 28066648

Silhouette Sensation, 1993.

  Hot Prospect.
ISBN: 130638723X OCLC: 869523191

Harlequin Temptation, 2014.

  In Bed with the Wild One & In Bed with the Pirate.
ISBN: 1322431191 OCLC: 898061156

Harlequin, 2014.

  It's in his kiss
ISBN: 9781474018470 OCLC: 897449872

Just a little fling
ISBN: 9781474018425 OCLC: 897449884

Lizzie's last-chance fiancè
ISBN: 9781459250253 OCLC: 778075470

Harlequin Books, Toronto ; ©1999.

Lizzie's last-chance fiancè /
ISBN: 0373167822 OCLC: 41591857

Harlequin Books, Toronto ; ©1999.

More naughty than nice /
ISBN: 0263835847 OCLC: 53460123

Mills & Boon, Richmond, Surrey : 2003, ©2002.

  More Naughty Than Nice.
ISBN: 1306387035 OCLC: 869526094

Harlequin Temptation, 2014.

When plain, boring marketing drudge Stephanie Blanton reinvents herself as Stevie Bliss, the world finally takes notice! Her sizzling book, Blissfully Single, is soon rapidly climbing bestseller lists. Meanwhile, Stevie is sending men's libidos out of control with her philosophy of lovin' 'em and leavin' 'em.Reporter Owen Dasher wants to interview the sexy singles expert. He's hot for her bod, yet senses underneath Stevie really yearns for babies and white picket fences. How so? He'd love to expose a few of her secrets. But as Christmas draws near, the real scoop might well be how Dasher Conquers the Vixen?both in bed and out!

Once there were giants :
ISBN: 0960116656 OCLC: 49242223

Illinois High School Association, Bloomington, Ill. : ©2002.

Once upon a honeymoon
ISBN: 9781459282940 OCLC: 811559115

Harlequin, Toronto ; ©1994.

Name: Thomas Michael Tripp AshbyAge: 34Status: S.T.U.D. #2Occupation: Jock What was a STUD to do? Tripp Ashby actually had more women than he could handle! Thanks to his matchmaking mom's personal ad proclaiming his supposed desire to marry, strange women were turning up naked in his shower, breaking into his cabin, car-jacking him-and driving him nuts! Bridget Emerick had bailed him out before, why would she mind doing it again? Sure, she was engaged to be married, and she couldn't stand his mother. But how could she possibly resist a little dress rehearsal-especially with him as the g.

  Once upon a honeymoon /
ISBN: 0373165579 OCLC: 31360674

Harlequin, Toronto ; ©1994.

  Packing heat
ISBN: 9781460372111 OCLC: 883256760

Harlequin Books, Don Mills, Ontario : 2014.

While following a hot tip, Chicago policeman Cooper Calhoun runs smack into gorgeous Violet O'Leary. The sexy brunette FBI agent is no shrinking violet, however. She's tough, no-nonsense and not exactly thrilled when Coop proposes they join forces on this puzzling case. Sure, they're after the same con-artist suspect, but Violet is feeling territorial, in more ways than one. Except this hotshot rookie cop keeps distracting Violet'by kissing her senseless, touching her emotions'seducing her body. But when Coop takes out his handcuffs, Violet doesn't know whether to run' or go for it!

Paris when it sizzles
ISBN: 1565970802 OCLC: 34659311

Meteor Pub., Bensalem, PA. : ©1993.

Ryan's bride
ISBN: 9781459283046 OCLC: 805109483

Harlequin Books, Toronto ; ©1995.

The Socialite and the Bad Boy Lockett Kensington, pampered and rich, faced the spectacular society wedding of the year-her own. She had more than a case of cold feet-they were numb! Taking the most direct route, she gathered up her skirts to descend the trellis from her bedroom window, when she fell into the waiting arms of the original rebel-Antonio Ryan, her ex-husband. As a teenager, she'd married Ryan to spite her dad, so she thought. But as Ryan rescued her in her prenuptial hour of need, dark eyes snapping and leather jacket gleaming, she wondered what it would mean to climb onto his.

Ryan's bride /
ISBN: 0373165757 OCLC: 32054465

Harlequin Books, Toronto ; ©1995.

ISBN: 9781426847486 OCLC: 505193301

Harlequin, Toronto ; ©2006.

How to cause a scandal'Jordan Albright loves teaching her popular course--Scandalous Women 101. Quiet, mousy Jordan never makes any waves, not even with her staid fianc'. Leap before you look ... Until suddenly, inexplicably she travels back through time--to 1893! And lands right in the tempting arms of Chicago department-store heir Nick Tempest. Soon Jordan's creating a scandal of her own--short skirts, no corset and steamy talk about sexual liberation. Throw out the rules ... Nick can't keep his hands off the sexy, free-spirited Jordan despite her worries about returning to the future. Hey, he's willing to make history together with her. But can he really believe she's been sent to save him in the nick of time ... '

Stand-in bride ; The sister switch
ISBN: 0373441398 OCLC: 49508608

Harlequin Books, Toronto ; ©2002.

  The Van Renn legacy
ISBN: 0373506287 OCLC: 877150913

Harlequin, Richmond, Surrey : 1987.

Touch me not
ISBN: 9781459267657 OCLC: 777640509

Harlequin Books, Toronto ; ©1997.

Touch me not /
ISBN: 0373166907 OCLC: 37375633

Harlequin Books, Toronto ; ©1997.

  Tuesday's knight
ISBN: 9781459260856 OCLC: 778582702

Harlequin Books, Toronto ; ©1998.

Tuesday's knight /
ISBN: 0373167407 OCLC: 39277920

Harlequin Books, Toronto ; ©1998.

ISBN: 037357665X OCLC: 21298783

Silhouette Sensation, 1989.