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Neil Steinberg

Born: 1960 in Cleveland, Ohio
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Neil Steinberg works for the Chicago Sun-Times and lives in the northern suburbs.

Biography: Neal Steinberg began his journalism career with the Barrington Courier-Review, in Barrington, IL, and the Wheaton Daily Journal, in Wheaton, IL; In 1987 he became a reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago, IL, and in 1995 began his career as a columnist with the Sun Times.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Complete & utter failure :
ISBN: 0385479700 OCLC: 33810833

Doubleday, New York : 1995, ©1994.

Don't give up the ship :
ISBN: 034543675X OCLC: 49684640

Ballantine Books, New York : 2002.

Drunkard :
ISBN: 9781440631283 OCLC: 454593126

Dutton, New York : ©2008.

Drunkard :
ISBN: 0452295432 OCLC: 262428470

Plume, New York : 2009, ©2008.

Presents an account of the author's struggle with alcoholism for twenty-five years, which included an outpatient rehabilitation program, and his attempts to rebuild his life and marriage.

Hatless Jack :
ISBN: 1862077827 OCLC: 61301676

Granta, London : 2005.

Hatless Jack :
ISBN: 0452285232 OCLC: 56010961

Plume, New York : ©2004.

"Not so long ago, we were a country of hat wearers. Hats were tipped, raised, handed, tossed, snapped, passed, checked, waved, and eaten (metaphorically, at least). Many believe the end of this way of life was precipitated by the presidential inauguration of a bareheaded John F. Kennedy; suddenly desperate American hatters were convinced that persuading the young, charismatic new leader to wear a hat would save their declining business. Author Neil Steinberg uses January 20, 1961, as the jumping-off point for uncovering a near-forgotten slice of American history. Using a cast of famous men from Mark Twain to John Glenn, he recaptures the fascinating world of hat wearing, with its hatcheck girls, straw-hat riots, and globe-trotting fedoras taking trips in place of their owners. Hatless Jack is a fascinating look at the history of men's headwear that cuts through the mythology surrounding JFK's impact on the industry, and helps to explain the move from our formal, conformist society to one of individuality and creative expression."--Publisher's description.

If at all possible, involve a cow :
ISBN: 0312078102 OCLC: 25411913

The alphabet of modern annoyances /
ISBN: 0385481713 OCLC: 34875676

Doubleday, New York : ©1996.

You were never in Chicago /
ISBN: 0226772055 OCLC: 783150359

Steinberg takes readers through Chicago's vanishing industrial past and explores the city from the quaint skybridge between the towers of the Wrigley Building, to the depths of the vast Deep Tunnel system below the streets. He deftly explains the city's complex web of political favoritism and carefully profiles the characters he meets along the way. Steinberg never loses the curiosity and close observation of an outsider, while thoughtfully considering how this perspective has shaped the city, and what it really means to belong.