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Tony Lindsay

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Lindsay is a native Chicagoan and was educated at the University of Illinois, Chicago.

Biography: Tony Lindsay is the author of five novels; ''One Dead Preacher'', '''Street Possession'', Chasin’ ''It'', ''Urban Affair'', and ''One Dead Lawyer'', and a short story collection titled ''Pieces of the Hole.'' He has published book critiques and reviews for Black Issue’s Book Review. He was a contributor to the anthology ''Don't Hate the Game'', the on-line encyclopedia, and He has been published by to the African American literary web-site ‘’, as well as the young adult magazine ''Cicada''. He has a MFA from Chicago State University. He is currently an adjunct professor at Chicago State University, South Suburban College and Westwood College. ''More Boy than Girl'' is Lindsay's latest novel. It is the story of Dai Break Jones is the story of a woman born into a man’s world with aggressive ambition. She never accepted the thought that a woman had her place. Born the only child to the founder of one of Chicago’s largest street organizations, Dai Break Jones accepted her position of royalty and stood toe totoe against all foes. ''More Boy than Girl'' is Street Lit at its finest. It is a hard core story, about a hard core world. What is Street Lit?Street literature is fiction that employs the urban milieu or the streets. The tales are not much different than any other genre; a bit more risqué, a tad more profanity, and yes societal bad guys may be the good guys, and yes the plots may be raw and grate the nerves do to espousing current street situations, but shouldn’t literature be disturbing, shouldn’t it inform and make one uncomfortable when something is wrong in society.Good Street Literature reports modern day concerns and issues. What’s current isn’t always comfortable. Good writers of Street Literature have always left readers unsettled; Ann Petry, Donald Goines, Louise Meriwether, Chester Himes, Dean Pharr, Claude Brown and Iceberg Slim all shake readers up a bit.To order ''More Boy than Girl'', go to the 'Titles for Purchase' section below and click on 'Buy on Amazon.'


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Mystery

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Chasin' it /
ISBN: 0974363677 OCLC: 55756509

Urban Books, Amityville, NY : 2004.

A fast-paced, no-holds-barred story of life on the streets follows ex-convict and junkie Terri Parish, a former Las Vegas headliner, as she hooks up with ex-lover Mo-Red, the ruthless leader of a large street gang, in an attempt to get out of Chicago and follow her dreams.

More boy than girl
ISBN: 9781599970073 OCLC: 703204561

Penknife Press, Chicago, Ill. : ©2011.

One dead lawyer :
ISBN: 1933967293 OCLC: 154713293

Q-Boro Books, Jamaica, Queens, NY : ©2007.

Security escort David Price is back after his adventures in One Dead Preacher, and he's gotten himself into another tight situation. With the reappearance of family in his life, even more is at stake for him now. When a prominent lawyer, (whom David suspects is a murderer) turns up dead, David is, once again, in the middle of the drama.

One dead preacher :
ISBN: 1933967021 OCLC: 84736719

Q-Boro Books, New York : ©2007.

Pieces of the hole /
ISBN: 0883782693 OCLC: 154667802

A collection of short stories that represent several walks of life within the urban African American community. Storylines targeting seniors, teenagers, young couples, returning college students, inmates, corporate workers and both young and midlife lovers are all presented here. This collection includes heart warming tales as well as on the edge of your seat fiction.--Page [4] of cover.

Street possession
ISBN: 9781601620118 OCLC: 163131528

Urban Books, New York : 2007.

After selling his soul to the devil, Mike Brown, South Side's resident crackhead, has nowhere to go but down and is determined to take down a few others with him, including two prostitutes and a disillusioned police detective.

Street possession /
ISBN: 0971237069 OCLC: 60526292

United Brothers, Farmingdale, NY : 2004.

Urban affair
ISBN: 1601620845 OCLC: 421089273

Urban Books, West Babylon, NY : 2008 c2005.

After a man raised in the foster care system and a woman from an upper-class black family fall in love, they must overcome many obstacles because they come from different worlds.

Urban affair /
ISBN: 1893196275 OCLC: 63799813

Urban Books, Wheatley Heights, NY : ©2006.