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Shel Silverstein

Born: September 25, 1930 in Chicago, Illinois
Died: May 10, 1999 in Key West, Florida

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Shel Silverstein grew up on Palmer Street in Chicago and attended Darwin Elementary, Roosevelt High School, University Of Illinois and Roosevelt University. He was a lifelong White Sox fan and worked as a hotdog vendor at the original Comiskey Park when he was young. His popularity with both the young and the old, and connection to his birthplace, all came together on July 13, 2009, when Millennium Park celebrated its 5th birthday with a night of song and spoken word in his honor called SHELabration.

Biography: Shel Silverstein was a poet, songwriter, composer, cartoonist, screenwriter and children's writer.

  • "Where the Sidewalk Ends"
  • -- New York Times Outstanding Book Award, 1974,
  • -- Michigan Young Readers` Award, 1981
  • -- George G. Stone Award, 1984
  • """Other Awards and Honors"""
  • -- Chicago Literary Hall of Fame, 2014

Primary Literary Genre(s): Poetry

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

A light in the attic /
ISBN: 0060513063 OCLC: 7574216

A collection of humorous poems and drawings.

Different dances
ISBN: 0060554304 OCLC: 56748922

An adult collection of social satire and sexual politics.

Don't bump the glump! :
ISBN: 9780061493386 OCLC: 171613774

A most unusual collection of whacky, funny, scary creatures with imaginative fantasies in verse.

Falling up :
ISBN: 0060513098 OCLC: 34736959

A collection of humorous poems and drawings.

Runny Babbit :
ISBN: 0060823968 OCLC: 62192122

Harper Children's Audio, New York : ℗2005.

Runny Babbit's topsy-turvy world is brought to life through wordplay and drawings.

Runny Babbit returns :
ISBN: 9780062479853 OCLC: 972226276

Collects poems and drawings that feature Runny and other woodland characters speaking his topsy-turvy language.

  Shi luo de yi jiao yu jian da yuan man
ISBN: 9787544257671 OCLC: 812786535

A missing piece, looking for someone to carry it along, finally develops its own momentum.

  The giving tree & other Shel Silverstein songs
ISBN: 1564066509 OCLC: 27323063

Sony Kids Music, New York, NY : ℗1992.

  The giving tree /
ISBN: 0060840986 OCLC: 71226648

HarperCollinsPublishers, [New York] : [2005?]

A young boy grows to manhood and old age experiencing the love and generosity of a tree which gives to him without thought of return. A parable that offers an interpretation of the gift of giving and a serene acceptance of another's capacity to love in return.

The missing piece
ISBN: 0060256710 OCLC: 2146538

Harper & Row, New York : ©1976.

A circle has difficulty finding its missing piece but has a good time looking for it.

  Where the sidewalk ends :
ISBN: 9780062693563 OCLC: 1018479725

A collection of humorous poems and drawings.

Who wants a cheap rhinoceros? /
ISBN: 0689851138 OCLC: 9083300

Macmillan ; New York, NY : ©1983.

Overview: Looking for a new pet? Bored with cats, dogs, goldfish, gerbils, and hamsters? How about a cheap rhinoceros? Shel Silverstein's loving look at the joys of rhino ownership may convince you to be the one lucky kid to take home this very, very unusual pet. There are lots of things a rhinoceros can do around one's house, including eating bad report cards before one's parents see them, tiptoeing downstairs for a midnight snack, and collecting extra allowance.