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Charles Cohen

Born: 1943 in Chicago, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Mr. Cohen is from Highland Park, Illinois.

Biography: Charles Cohen receivedhis BA from Lake Forest College, his M.A. from the Univeristy of Illinois. He moved to New York in 1972 to work at Waring and LaRosa and advertising agency as its senior vice-president.


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Selected Titles

ISBN: 0861886410 OCLC: 15594780

Piakkus, London : 1987.

  Daddy /
ISBN: 0312181671 OCLC: 13794378

St. Martin's Press, New York : ©1986.

"When Jamie discovers that his soon-to-be ex-wife is pregnant ... he wonders whether being a man of the 80's is all it's cracked up to be"--Book jacket

  Falling out /
ISBN: 0872236757 OCLC: 7196381

Seaview Books, New York : ©1981.

"In the crazy worlds of advertising, Manhattan's East Side, and Beverly Hills, an entertaining novel about a winner who thinks he's a loser but finds out he's a winner"--Book jacket

Silver linings /
ISBN: 044020478X OCLC: 20752359

Dell Pub. Co., New York : 1989.

Carol Frank and Beth Schwartz are such close friends they had matching nose jobs. Now they are partners in a fabulous suburban Chicago dress shop until one afternoon a customer, Nicky SIlver, stumbles upon Carol's corpse. She has been hung with her own rhinestone belt. Nicky is encouraged by the local deli owner to snoop and he soon finds the people who are hiding behind their Guccis and Ralph Lauren facades are hiding some dark, dirty, and passionate motives for murder.

Those Lake View wives /
ISBN: 1556111436 OCLC: 19130917

D.I. Fine, New York : ©1989.

"Jack Klein, complacent and uxorious physician, has an uneasy feeling that things are not quite what they should be in this affluent suburb of Lake View, Ill. ... Cohen ( Daddy ) has written a pleasantly malicious story of determined women who just might get away with murder"--Book jacket.