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Cora A. Seaman

Born: 1934 in Warrick County, Indiana
Pen Name: Alyce Godbey

Connection to Illinois: Seaman has written a book on Illinois history. She researched and wrote a book about the Roosevelt family of Albion, Illinois, and their connection to the famous Roosevelt family, most notably Theodore. The book has many references to other notable people from Illinois, including Paul Simon, the Shelton gang, Blackie Harris, and Eleanor Roosevelt. The book is entitled: ''The Roosevelt Family of Southern Illinois''.

Biography: I am a published author, currently living in Evansville, Indiana. My husband and I have both written books, although I spent 25 years in the R.E.Industry as a broker, lender, sales trainer. We enjoy a very busy retirement. Seaman began writing many years ago and has authored five books - four of which are not about Illinois. For more information about those books, go to her website at: [].Her book on Illinois - ''The Roosevelt Family of Southern Illinois''. It is about the Roosevelt family of Southern Illinois which are direct descendants of Theodore Roosevelt. Their history dates to the days of early settlers to the American shores in 1647. The family experiences adventure, tragedy, and success as they became merchants, educators, and farmers in the community of Albion, Illinois. Many of the family members were in the conflicts in World War I and II, with stories to tell their relatives and some stories about the ones who didn't return. Happy times were explained in great details as they recalled the visit by Eleanor Roosevelt, the first lady of America, and the times that Paul Simon, the Senator from Illinois, arrived in a helicopter to the amazement of the children. A 'must read' for anyone who enjoys history brought to a local level.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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The Roosevelt family of Southern Illinois /
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