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Rachel Gies

Born: Amsterdam, Holland
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Gies lives in St. Charles.

Biography: Rachel Gies came to the US from the Netherlands in 1960 speaking very little English. Although she couldn't speak English when she arrived, she quickly learned the language by reading mystery and romance novels. For many years, marriage and family was her first priority. After moving to St. Charles Illinois in 1988, she had more time for her love of writing and wrote articles for local newspapers. She currently writes for the Examiner Newspaper in Bartlett, Illinois. In 2001 her first book, One Size Fits Most (a compilation of funny short stories) was published followed by Captured Pearl in 2004 (a romantic mystery) followed by The Darkness Within (a murder mystery) in 2008. Her children's book, A Foxy Tale, was published in 2009. This book not only captures children's imaginations as they follow a little girl's journey through the parks and forest preserves along the Fox River in St. Charles, Illinois but it also teaches them about current ecological issues in the environment. The book allows the reader to record notes, visit and follow the map along with the characters and enjoy a short flip book illustration, thereby making the book a personal possession. Most recently completed is another kids book, Pet Tales. This book is a collection of short pet stories. The cover is full of Humane Society rescues and the interior illustrations were created by children. Proceeds from this book go to St. Jude's Children's Hospital and the Waupaca, WI Secret Service kids who drew for the book.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers; Children


Selected Titles

Captured Pearl
ISBN: 0970996012 OCLC: 85384503

Fairburn Publishing, St. Charles, IL : ©2004.

He moved on to her silken limbs. Her arms delighted him; her dainty elegant fingers would thrill him when they caressed his form. He moved to the front of the tub to extract one silken leg running the bar of soap up and down its length. Her toes were perfect. Dainty feet were attached to long legs that Garrett imagined clinging to him. The thought brought heat to his male member with a rush of blood. Would she let him continue? Silently he slid the bar of soap upward across her rib cage to the base of her throat and then down to her exciting collarbone. Garrett found the desire to nibble upon it irresistible and he bent to follow the thought in his mind.

One Size Fits Most
ISBN: 0970996004 OCLC: 47361357

Fairburn Pub., St. Charles, IL : ©2001.

Pet Tales
ISBN: 0970996047 OCLC:


What a fun book of short Pet Tales to share. Rachel Gies (author) will donate to St. Jude's Children's Hospital for each purchase (Kids voted and she agreed on St. Jude's!), the pets on the front and back cover are Furrever Friends rescued from the Waupaca Humane Society and others. The Waupaca Secret Service kids (and a few more) illustrated the stories in the book with two written stories by students. We've all had so much fun making this book! The Wisconsin Secret Service healthy pet treat recipe is included and there is a fun flip cartoon inside as well!

The Darkness Within
ISBN: 9780970996022 OCLC: 244189101

Fairburn Publishing, St. Charles, IL : ©2008.

Kate Coleman and her brother Nick are being terrorized as they find out more about who may be after them after they lose their parents in a fatal car accident. Someone, or something, is playing cat and mouse with them as they unveil illegal business dealings and are constantly watched by a beast, waiting to be set free. As they get closer to the truth, they are in danger of becoming the beast's next victims. Terror and suspense explode on every page.