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Frank Sennett

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Sennett lives in Chicago.

Biography: Frank Sennett Frank is a graduate of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism and earned an MFA in creative writing from the University of Montana. He has been a writer and editor at Newcity, to which he still contributes. He was president and editor-in-chief of Time Out Chicago. He has taught college classes. He was the interim chief operating officer of Ebert Digital and He was the director of custom publishing and digital strategy for Crain’s Chicago Business and later became the director of digital products and strategy for all four city and regional publications under Crain Communications. He was with Crain’s for nearly a decade until leaving in 2022 to become vice president of Outlook Marketing.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Mystery; Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

101 Stunts for Principals to Inspire Student Achievement
ISBN: 076198836X OCLC:

Corwin 2004

Sennett′s user-friendly book outlines 101 motivational stunts, accompanied by successful case studies, that educators can employ to creatively inspire and motivate students to higher academic achievement.

400 Quotable Quotes From the World′s Leading Educators
ISBN: 076193149X OCLC: Thousand Oaks :

Corwin Thousand Oaks : 2004

From Roland Barth to Harry Wong, this book showcases the world′s leading educators―including their groundbreaking thoughts, inspirational quotes, and penetrating insights.

FUNdraising: 50 Proven Strategies for Successful School Fundraisers
ISBN: 1412949815 OCLC: Thousand Oaks :

Corwin Thousand Oaks : 2007

Presents 50 fun, creative, and cost-effective fundraising strategies from schools across the country and includes savvy organizing tips, guidance on ethical issues, and advice for avoiding mishaps.

Groupon's biggest deal ever :
ISBN: 9781250014948 OCLC: 759914164

St. Martin's Press, New York : 2012.

The exclusive and unparalleled account of the incredible rise of discount giant Groupon and the compelling story of its offbeat founder Andrew Mason as he created a juggernaut of online commerce and ignited a consumer revolution.

It Takes Two: Wise Words and Quotable Quips on the Attraction of Opposites
ISBN: 0071405593 OCLC: Chicago :

McGraw-Hill Chicago : 2002

"There are two kinds of people in the world . . ." So begin the 300 engaging quotes about romantic attraction between opposites featured in this inspirational collection. Boasting quotes from such notable figures as Erma Bombeck, Tom Stoppard, Jimmy Cliff, Rob Brezsny, Deion Sanders, Tennessee Williams, Marlo Thomas, and Indira Gandhi, It Takes Two focuses on the myriad ways in which opposites attract. This charming book is perfect for anyone seeking a small gift to express love and appreciation.

Nash, Metropolitan
ISBN: 1594142467 OCLC: Waterville, Me. :

Five Star Waterville, Me. : 2004

Reporting for Chicago's scrappiest daily newspaper, the Sentinel, Nash Hansen investigates the brutal killing of a homeless man - which soon expands to encompass the death of an ex-KGB agent and a shadowy U.S. defense contractor. Unless Nash can connect all the deadly dots, this deadline will be his last. With the help of fellow scribe Jerry Povaric, his partner in crime fighting, Nash will nail the story - or die trying on Chicago's meanest streets.

Nash, Rambler
ISBN: 0786250348 OCLC: Waterville, Me. :

Five Star Waterville, Me. : 2003

From BooklistNorthwestern student Nash Hansen's internship at the San Bernardino Ledger doesn't last long. Within weeks, he is fired by his editor for playing journalistic hardball with Evan Carr, a local powerbroker with an inexplicable fondness for renovating drive-in theaters and sketchy ties to a band of far-right Christian survivalists. Nash suspects that Carr had something to do with a multiple murder, and he won't pass up the chance to break a big story-- even if he no longer technically works for a paper. With the help of his Hell's Angel of a roommate and a delightfully acerbic veteran reporter, Nash just might get one hell of a clip--if he can keep himself from being killed by an unsavory cast of corrupt cops and gun-toting ministers. Witty dialogue and excellent pacing make for fun reading in this first novel, and the tough but sensitive Nash (he's the kind of hero who may catch the killers but won't ever get the girl) is a protagonist readers will hope to see again. John GreenCopyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved.

Shadow State: A Novel
ISBN: 163910240X OCLC:

Crooked Lane Books 2023

Ex-Army Ranger sniper Rafe Hendrix leads the Secret Service detail of President Wyetta Johnson. Rafe and Wyetta became close when they served together in Afghanistan and he saved her life during a recon misadventure that cost her a leg.The President’s wife visits a D.C. private-school classroom, and Hendrix is on sniper duty when a suicide bomber heads toward the First Lady. Hendrix disobeys a direct order and an unthinkable disaster unfolds. Though Hendrix may have saved the First Lady, he’s blamed for the carnage. And the violence hits harder than he ever could have imagined.Rafe is cast adrift after the incident and he leaves D.C. for Fort Stockton, Texas. His prospects brighten when he meets veterinarian Melody Sanchez and their romance begins to bloom. But there’s still unfinished business waiting in the wings. Someone from the past is bent on revenge—and he has Rafe firmly in his sights. His plan is as twisted as they come—grisly recreations of some of the most terrible events from the past. And now it’s up to Rafe to learn from history—or be doomed to repeat it.

Teacher of the Year :400 Quotes of Insight, Inspiration, and Motivation from America's Greatest Teachers
ISBN: 0071409904 OCLC: Chicago :

Contemporary Books Chicago : 2003

"Teachers must be celebrated for moving civilization from ignorance to enlightenment, from apathy to responsibility."­­Sharon M. Draper, Ohio National Teacher of the Year, from the book Teacher of the Year is an appealing and inspiring collection of quotes from award-winning teachers across the country. Striking the perfect balance among profound, philosophical, and lighthearted, the 365 quotes featured here will encourage and enlighten educators of all levels of experience. Thoughtful and endearing, this charming book is a natural gift for any teacher.