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Lonnie Cruse

Born: in Las Vegas, Nevada
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Lonnie Cruse moved from Las Vegas to Paducah Kentucky before settling in Metropolis, Illinois.

Biography: In addition to writing two series of fiction books, Lonnie Cruse also writes a weekly e-mail newsletter titled ENCOURAGED TOGETHER.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Mystery

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Fifty-seven heaven /
ISBN: 1594146004 OCLC: 162502002

Five Star, Detroit : ©2007.

It was no surprise to anyone when somebody strangled Kitty Bloodworth's extremely irritating cousin Will Ann Lloyd. The woman got on the wrong side of practically every single resident in their small town of Metropolis, Illinois. But it was a big surprise when the Bloodworths discovered Cousin Will Ann's body tangled in jumper cables and stuffed into the trunk of their beloved 1957 Chevy, affectionately known as Sadie. Which of Kitty and Jack's nearest and dearest gained access to the Bloodworth's fortress like barn? Why did victim Will Ann Lloyd hire a private investigator to follow her own son? Why did she blow into Farley's Cafeteria shortly before her murder and interrupt the meeting of the local antique car club by calling Kitty's youngest daughter, Sunny, a sneak and a tramp? Can the Bloodworths play a real live game of chicken with a killer and avoid a hear on collision? Fifty Seven Heaven is a humorous cozy set in the small town of Metropolis, Illinois, where everyone knows everyone else. One by one, the Bloodworths'family members, old friends, and antique car club buddies produce unbreakable alibis, proving none of them could have killed Will Ann Lloyd. Yet one of them must have.

  Fifty-seven traveling :
ISBN: 9781594148804 OCLC: 557403944

Five Star, Waterville, Me. : ©2010.

Finding the car of her dreams turns into a nightmare for an antique-auto aficionado and her doting spouse.

Malice in metropolis /
ISBN: 0978588037 OCLC: 138475979

NaDaC Pub., [United States] : 2007.

Married in Metropolis /
ISBN: 0978588029 OCLC: 70901607

NaDaC Pub., [United States] : ©2006.

Murder beyond Metropolis /
ISBN: 0978588010 OCLC: 124066980

Nadac Pub., United States : 2007.

Murder in Metropolis /
ISBN: 0978588002 OCLC: 144505066

NaDaC Pub., [Metropolis, IL] : ©2006.