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Deborah Eisenberg

Born: 1945 in Winnetka, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Deborah lived in Illinois from her birth until the late 1960's when she moved to New York.

Biography: Deborah Eisenberg is a Professor of Creative Writing, at the University of Virginia.

  • -- O. Henry Award, 1986, 1995, and 1997, ''For her short stories''

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

Email: de2b@Virginia.EDU
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Selected Titles

All around Atlantis /
ISBN: 0374270872 OCLC: 36501321

Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York : 1997.

Seven stories on a variety of subjects. The story, Rosie Gets a Soul, is on a woman adjusting to normal life after quitting drugs, in Across the Lake a naive American gets himself mixed up in a liberation war in Latin America, and The Girl Who Left Her Socks on the Floor is on the trials of a girl in a boarding school.

All around Atlantis :
ISBN: 0671024620 OCLC: 40046279

Washington Square Press, New York : 1998.

The collected stories of Deborah Eisenberg
ISBN: 9781429987226 OCLC: 872617009

Picador, New York : 2013.

One of America's finest writers.'San Francisco Chronicle Concentrated bursts of perfection.'The Times (London) Shimmering stories that possess the power and charm to move us. 'The New York Times Exhilarating.'Harper's Magazine Outstanding.'Christian Science Monitor Eisenberg simply writes like no one else.'Elle Eisenberg's stories possess all the steely beauty of a knife wrapped in velvet.'The Boston Globe Dazzling.'Time Out New York Magic.'Newsweek Comic, elegant and pitch perfect.'Vanity Fair One of the great fiction writers living in America today.'The Dallas Morning News There aren't many contemporary novels as shudderingly intimate and mordantly funny as Eisenberg's best stories.'The New York Times Book Review Since 1986 with the publication of her first story collection, Deborah Eisenberg has devoted herself to writing exquisitely distilled stories which present an unusually distinctive portrait of contemporary American life to quote the MacArthur Foundation. This one volume brings together Transactions in a Foreign Currency (1986), Under the 82nd Airborne (1992), All Around Atlantis (1997) and her most recent collection-Twilight of the Superheroes (2006).

The collected stories of Deborah Eisenberg.
ISBN: 0312429894 OCLC: 462907728

Picador/Farrar, Straus And Giroux, New York : 2010.

Presents a collection of short stories that portray contemporary American life.

The stories (so far) of Deborah Eisenberg.
ISBN: 0374524920 OCLC: 35128150

Noonday Press, New York : 1997.

Gathered now into one volume, Eisenberg's stories have an astonishing power and range. Her characters, whether they are walking the streets of Manhattan or seemingly abandoned in foreign countries, continually make disquieting and sometimes life-threatening discoveries about themselves, discoveries that illuminate not only their own lives but also the wider net of relationships in which they are enmeshed. Knowing, witty, and exact, Deborah Eisenberg's fiction is fashioned with a jeweler's eye for detail and a profound gift for evoking degrees of human interaction and anxiety.

Transactions in a foreign currency :
ISBN: 0140098550 OCLC: 14213572

Penguin Books, New York, NY : 1987.

Twilight of the superheroes /
ISBN: 0312425937 OCLC: 82952030

Picador, London : 2007.

From a group of variously ambitious friends delighted to find a luxurious sublet just across from the World Trade Canter in the year 2000; to a family whose tranquillity is strangely poisoned by its years spent in poor foreign lands; to the too-painful love of a brother for his schizophrenic sister, whose life embitters him to the very idea of family, Deborah Eisenberg widens her range to focus her impeccable eye on a terrifying contemporary world in which "everything that happens is out there waiting for you to come to it".

Under the 82nd airborne
ISBN: 9780374707798 OCLC: 864433393

Seven knowing, witty stories from the widely praised author of Transactions in a Foreign Currency.

Under the 82nd Airborne /
ISBN: 0374280681 OCLC: 23732558

Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, New York : 1992.