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Leanne Lucas

Born: 1955 in Manito, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Leanne Lucas was born and raised in Manito, Illinois. She currently resides in Homer, Illinois.

Biography: N/A


Primary Audience(s): Children; Children

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Selected Titles

Addie McCormick and the Chicago surprise /
ISBN: 1565070828 OCLC: 26502924

Harvest House, Eugene, OR : ©1993.

During a visit to Chicago with their friend Miss T, Addie and Nick find a mystery of disappearing belongings leading them to a homeless boy and a recognition of the blessings God has given them.

Addie McCormick and the computer pirate /
ISBN: 1565071654 OCLC: 29184277

Harvest House, Eugene, Ore. : ©1994.

While her school is being repaired following a tornado and she is attending a cooperative home school, Addie becomes involved in a mystery surrounding the school's computer software.

Addie McCormick and the movie mystery /
ISBN: 1565073487 OCLC: 32704484

Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, OR : ©1995.

When Mr. McCormick's old college roommate comes to town to make a movie, Addie and Nick visit the set and get bit parts in the film, but they discover someone is bent on sabotage.

Addie McCormick and the mystery of the scrapbook /
ISBN: 1565070631 OCLC: 25628760

Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Or. : ©1992.

Addie and Nick need God's help in understanding racial intolerance as they witness the prejudice of some of their clasmates toward a Mexican American boy and pursue the secret of a stolen scrapbook belonging to their adult Japanese American friend Yuki.

Addie McCormick and the mystery of the skeleton key /
ISBN: 1565071476 OCLC: 28410698

Harvest House, Eugene, Or. : ©1993.

When relatives gather to celebrate her grandmother's birthday, Addie and her cousin are determined to find the family treasure supposedly left by Addie's namesake.

Addie McCormick and the secret of the scarlet box /
ISBN: 1565072308 OCLC: 30783090

Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Or. : ©1994.

The discovery of an old metal box underwater in their favorite creek launches Addie and Nick on another adventure.

Addie McCormick and the stolen statue /
ISBN: 1565070801 OCLC: 26502920

Harvest House, Eugene, OR : ©1993.

Prayer helps heal the broken friendship between Addie and Joey and their pal Nick, in time for the threesome to investigate the mystery of a missing statue.

Addie McCormick and the stranger in the attic /
ISBN: 1565070526 OCLC: 25709756

Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Or. : ©1992.

Addie learns new lessons about Christian life when she and Nick try to help an elderly neighbor and uncover a mystery surrounding a strange visitor, a hidden room, and a secret past.