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Anders Nilsen

Born: 1973 New Hampshire
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: The author studied at the School of the Art Institute before working on comics full time. Nilsen still lives in Chicago.



Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Other

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Selected Titles

  Big questions
ISBN: 9781897299999 OCLC: 1085385990

  Big questions
ISBN: 1897299826 OCLC: 1085408703

  Big questions, or, Asomatognosia :
ISBN: 1770460446 OCLC: 679929249

Drawn & Quarterly, Montréal : c2011.

A graphic fable follows a group of birds who mistake a downed plane for a bird and its unexploded bomb for a giant egg.

Dogs & water /
ISBN: 1897299087 OCLC: 71812355

"Dogs and Water "chronicles a piece of a lonely journey, without origin or destination. A young man wandering a nameless path has only a stuffed bear as a companion, which inertly endures his desperation, anger, and musings along the way. The landscape is cold and bleak with few landmarks, and offers only precarious encounters with animals and armed men. These interactions are rife with instinct, the drive for survival, and human ethics concerning the killed and injured. He finds acceptance with a pack of dogs, though their nature is wild and their potential threat is as unsettling as the sudden presence of a massive pipeline on the horizon. In a dreamlike state, the endless land becomes a vast body of water where his boat is destroyed and his body floats in a subconscious space. On land, the road disappears and only blind circumstance remains. All is uncertain and all can be lost, but he continues on regardless.

Don't Go Where I Can't Follow.
ISBN: 1894937937 OCLC: 148824116

Drawn & Quarterly Pubns, 2007.

Monologues for calculating the density of black holes /
ISBN: 1560979801 OCLC: 227016480

Fantagraphics ; Seattle, WA : 2009.

A collection of simple drawings that reflect on topics related to life in the twenty-first century.

Monologues for the coming plague /
ISBN: 1560977183 OCLC: 62478791

Fantagraphics ; Seattle, Wash. : 2006.

The latest offering by the author of the award-winning Dogs and Water is a long series of drawings-almost scribbles-simple enough to be stuck on Post-it notes. Don't let this fool you; these almost-doodles make a deeply funny and moving book. Whether it's a scribble-headed guy spouting poetry or a woman having a conversation with the bird she's feeding, the short, goofy captions provide a spectrum of nuanced and subtle social commentary.

The end
ISBN: 1606996355 OCLC: 813931433

Assembled from work done in Anders Nilsen's sketchbooks over the course of the year following the death of his fiancée in 2005, The End is a collection of short strips about loss, paralysis, waiting, and transformation--Publisher's web site.

The end.
ISBN: 1560978147 OCLC: 262296155

Fantagraphics Books, Seattle, Wash. : ©2007.

After losing his significant other, a man tries to piece his life back together.