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Al Gina

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Al teaches at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois.

Biography: Al Gina is a member of the Department of Philosophy and the Institute of Human Resources and Industrial Relations at Loyola University Chicago. He is co-founder and Associate Editor of the journal Business Ethics Quarterly, Senior Consultant for the Ethical Leadership Group, and a regular commentator on Chicago's NPR affiliate, WBEZ.


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Selected Titles

My job, my self :
ISBN: 041592636X OCLC: 42579640

Routledge, New York : 2000.

"Why do we work? And why do we work so obsessively? Gini observes that work rules, runs, and sometimes ruins our lives. But what is intriguing is that in spite of this, many of us come to love, or at least need, that which holds us captive. Peppered with real voices from workers and employers across America, and with references from psychology to history to economics, My Job, My Self shows us the human cost of a lifetime of labor for every working man or woman." "Arguing that adults require work just as children need to play, Gini teaches us that the purpose of work isn't merely to produce products but to create emotionally healthy people. In this provocative, lively, and sometimes disturbing meditation, Gini reveals that work is not only a fundamental aspect of our humanity but a profound reflection of our deepest selves."--Jacket.