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Craig Smith

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: The author's alma mater is Southern Illinois University.



Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers; Young adult readers

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Selected Titles

Cold rain /
ISBN: 190580234X OCLC: 664976720

Myrmidon, Newcastle upon Tyne : 2010.

I turned thirty-seven that summer, older than Dante when he toured Hell, but only by a couple of years - Life couldn't be better for David Albo, an associate professor of English at a small mid-western university. He lives in an idyllic, out-of-town, plantation-style mansion with a beautiful and intelligent wife and an adoring teenage stepdaughter. As he returns to the university after a long and relaxing sabbatical, there's a full professorship in the offing - and, what's more, he's managed to stay off the booze for two whole years. But, once term begins, things deteriorate rapidly. The damning evidence that he has sexually harassed his students is just the beginning as Dave finds himself sucked into a vortex of conspiracy, betrayal, jealousy and murder. Unless he can discover quickly who is out to destroy him, all that he is and loves is about to be stripped away.

  The blood lance
ISBN: 9781905802555 OCLC: 707488990

Myrmidon Books Ltd., Newcastle upon Tyne : 2010.

With his friends, former art thieves Kate and Ethan Brand, ex CIA agent Thomas Malloy sets out to unlock the secrets of the Order of the Holy Lance--secrets they are willing to kill to protect.

  The blood lance /
ISBN: 1905802293 OCLC: 276815805

Myrmidon Books Ltd., Newcastle, UK : 2008.

Kufstein, Austria, 1939. At the foot of a mountain known as The Wilder Kaiser lies the body of an SS officer, his neck broken but his face a picture of bliss and serenity. The dead man is known to history as Otto Rahn, Himmler's own archaeologist. Rahn's pursuit of the legendary Blood Lance of the Cathars has not only led to his own downfall but set in motion a tragic chain of events reaching far beyond the holocaust.

  The painted messiah
ISBN: 9781905802548 OCLC: 707492789

Myrmidon, Newcastle upon Tyne : 2010.

Kate Kenyon has an addiction to mortal risk which she feeds by engaging in the armed robbery with her accomplice and lover Ethan Brand. Their latest target is a priceless Byzantine icon. So far they have never had to shoot anyone, but with ex-CIA operative Thomas Malloy acting as courier, thiis time will be different.

The painted messiah /
ISBN: 1905802153 OCLC: 220008779

Myrmidon, Newcastle upon Tyne : 2008.

Kate Kenyon, the wealthy young widow of an English aristocrat, has an addiction to mortal risk. She feeds it by engaging in the armed robbery of priceless artefacts with her accomplice and lover Ethan Brand. Their latest target is a priceless 'Byzantine' icon hidden in the tower of a chateau by Lake Lucerne. So far they have never had to shoot anyone. This time will be different.