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Bob Cary

Born: October 21,1921 in Joliet, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Bob was born and raised in Illinois. But his love of outdoor living brought him to the ultimate wilderness destination: Ely, Minnesota, time and again. Finally, in 1966 Bob and his family moved to his beloved Ely, where he lived for the rest of his life.

Biography: He worked as outdoor writer for the Joliet Herald News from 1948 - 1955, was editor and outdoor writer for Joliet Spectator from 1956 - 1957, and served as outdoor editor for the Chicago Daily News from 1958 - 1966.


Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Born to pull
ISBN: 0613623339 OCLC: 368047645

Pfeifer-Hamilton Publishers 1999

Born to pull :
ISBN: 9780816667734 OCLC: 648757429

University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis : 2009.

For centuries, sled dogs pulled the people of northern climates over otherwise impassable distances of snow and ice, guiding them home through trackless wilderness. These burly, strong dogs were the lifeblood of the northern winter world. Today, from races like the famed Iditarod and the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon to sled dog tours, people from all climates are rediscovering the joy of this dog-powered sport. Born to Pull is a celebration of sled dogs who love to run in cold and snowy Minnesota, including lively stories from veteran mushers, insider information on dog care and training.

Ely echoes :
ISBN: 1570252009 OCLC: 232159952

Pfeifer-Hamilton, Duluth Minn. : ©2000.

  Ely Echoes :
ISBN: 9780816699940 OCLC: 437188559

University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis : 2001.

Striding exuberantly into the 21st century, Bob Cary recounts memorable experiences of the 20th century: fun-filled boyhood escapades during the Depression, anecdotes from the war years, tales of guiding dignitaries in the BWCAW, verbal snapshots of intriguing friends and neighbors up north, reflections on becoming a bridegroom in his seventies.

Quiet magic
ISBN: 0938586173 OCLC: 18824596

Pfeifer-Hamilton, Duluth, MN : ©1989.

Quiet magic /
ISBN: 0816641854 OCLC: 228145243

University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis : 2002.

In this long-awaited paperback edition, Sam Cook invites you to look outward to discover the North Country, and look inward to discover yourself.

Root beer lady /
ISBN: 081664196X OCLC: 191818442

Pfeifer-Hamilton, Duluth, MN : ©1993.

  Root Beer Lady :
ISBN: 9780816695096 OCLC: 437188562

University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis : 2002.

An ice-cold glass of root beer and a warm welcome greeted thousands of weary paddlers who stopped at the Isle of Pines to meet Dorothy Molter, the courageous, independent woman who became a North Woods legend. Bob Cary, Dorothy's longtime friend, captures her life and spirit in Root Beer Lady.

Tales from Jackpine Bob
ISBN: 0816643946 OCLC: 567981485

University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, Minn. ; 2003.

Bob Carys entertaining stories of life in the outdoors will touch your heart and make you laugh. Despite Bobs many years as an expert woodsman, when he relates an adventure or a misadventure, the joke is always on him. Whether you read Tales from Jackpine Bob by firelight or lamplight, youll enjoy Bobs warm humor and buoyant spirit.

Tales from Jackpine Bob /
ISBN: 1570250863 OCLC: 33386696

Pfeifer-Hamilton, Duluth, Minn. : ©1996.

The big wilderness canoe manual
ISBN: 0668058528 OCLC: 9489115

Arco, New York : ©1983.

The big wilderness canoe manual :
ISBN: 0679508627 OCLC: 3649737

McKay, New York : ©1978.

A veteran guide and outfitter tells you all about camping, paddling, and voyaging in the spirit of the new outdoor ethic.

Winter camping /
ISBN: 0828903409 OCLC: 4492128

S. Greene Press, Brattleboro, Vt. : ©1979.

Compiles tested cold weather camping procedures, and includes information on field-tested equipment and methods for snow travel camping, safety and nutrition.