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Christopher Stasheff

Born: Mt. Vernon, New York
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Chris Stasheff retired from teaching in 2009, and moved back to Champaign, Illinois.

Biography: After fifteen years of teaching and writing, Chris realized that his royalty checks were about double the amount of his academic amounts, so he left the chalk and blackboard for the word processor, and moved his family to Champaign, Illinois in the Midwest. He became a full time author. After his children were grown he again returned to the classroom until his retirement in 2008.


Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

A wizard in peace
ISBN: 0812567978 OCLC: 36860791

Tom Doherty Associates Book, New York : 1997, ©1996.

Mind out of time :
ISBN: 0786249595 OCLC: 50768533

Five Star, Waterville, Me. : 2003.

Presents a collection of short fiction, including The Warlock's Grandfather, Pride and Puppetry, and the title story.

  Starship Troupers Book 2 :
ISBN: 0330320440 OCLC: 655159372

Pan Bks., 1993.

The haunted wizard
ISBN: 0345392485 OCLC: 43372536

Ballantine Pub. Group, New York : ©2000.

Book VI in Wizard in Rhyme series.

The oathbound wizard
ISBN: 0345461177 OCLC: 58546901

Del Rey, New York : 2004.

Matt, the Lord High Wizard, wants to marry Queen Alisande, but cannot because of his commoner status. He recklessly vows to conquer a kingdom to woo her, only to discover that in this magical realm, he must keep his promises literally.

The sage
ISBN: 0345392442 OCLC: 36239409

Ballantine Books, New York : 1997, ©1996.

A war between two demi-gods, one who is a friend of humans, the other their enemy. The setting is a fantasy world populated by humans and human animals, and ruled by a god with the aid of demi-gods. By the author of The Secular Wizard.

The secular wizard
ISBN: 0345388542 OCLC: 33267173

Ballantine Books, New York : ©1995.

Lord Wizard Matt Mantrell dons a disguise and goes off to investigate the new king.

  The warlock in spite of himself
ISBN: 9781604504866 OCLC: 889780659

Rod Gallowglass is a man of science who does not believe in magic.Gramarye is a world of witches and warlocks. Of strange abilities and phenomena. A world where society mirrors Earth's own Middle Ages, and a world headed for doom.Rod Gallowglass must become a part of the local fabric to save the world from both itself and external forces that threaten its existence. But to do so, he must put aside his own convictions and beliefs, and become a warlock, in spite of himself.A grand adventure mixing science fiction with elements of fantasy, this is the book that launched a whole series (fourteen books and counting).

Warlock and son
ISBN: 0441873146 OCLC: 24360417

Ace Books, New York : 1991.

Magnus sets off to see the world.