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Clyde Kilby

Born: September 26, 1902 in Johnson City, Tennessee
Died: October 18, 1986 in Columbus, Mississippi

Pen Name: Clyde S. Kilby

Connection to Illinois: Dr. Kilby moved to Wheaton in 1935 and lived there until his retirement.

Biography: Clyde S. Kilby is best known as a literary scholar of CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien. He was born in Tennessee and educated at the University of Arkansas, the University of Minnesota and New York University. He became a professor of English at Wheaton College in 1935 where he taught until his retirement. He was the founder of the Wade Center at Wheaton. Dr. Kilby died in 1986 at the age of 84. His book ''The Christian World of C. S. Lewis'' is widely regarded as one of the best introductions to Lewis's work.

  • Awarded ''Illinois Author of the Year'' by the Illinois Association of Teachers of English in 1973.

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

A mind awake;
ISBN: 0156027836 OCLC: 46482

Harcourt, Brace & World New York, [1969, ©1968]

C.S. Lewis on human nature, morality, the Bible, the trinity, sin, Christianity, hell, heaven, love, sex, nature, and the post-Christian world.

  Images of salvation in the fiction of C.S. Lewis /
ISBN: 0877883912 OCLC: 4601190

Harold Shaw Publishers, Wheaton, Ill. : ©1978.

Letters to an American Lady
ISBN: 9780062349293 OCLC: 877895371

HarperOne, [New York] : 2014.

Letters to an American Lady by C.S. Lewis has descriptive copy which is not yet available from the Publisher.

  Minority of one :
ISBN: 0802810152 OCLC: 32679254

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan : 1982, 1959.

  Poetry and life;
ISBN: 0836964055 OCLC: 516296

Books for Libraries Press, Plainview, N.Y., [1975]

The Christian world of C.S. Lewis /
ISBN: 0802808719 OCLC: 20908803

Tolkien & the Silmarillion /
ISBN: 0877888167 OCLC: 2331084