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Sharon De Vita

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Sharon lives in a suburb of Chicago.

Biography: Sharon was an Adjunt Professor of Literature and Communication


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Romance

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Selected Titles

A family to be /
ISBN: 0373195869 OCLC: 49362014

Silhouette Books, New York : ©2002.

Josh couldn't stop staring at the ultrasound photograph, feeling unaccountably connected to the helpless baby who was totally dependent on Emma for every beat of her heart.

Anything for her family /
ISBN: 037319580x OCLC: 48965852

Gentle and kind Natalie McMahon was everything rancher Jared Ryan wanted in his rambunctious children's nanny. While she was the perfect role model for his twin sons, she was also the embodiment of all of Jared's fantasies. But Jared sensed Natalie was hiding something from him, and before he'd open his wary, scarred heart he was determined to unlock the secrets of this beautiful woman.

  Anything for Her Family.
ISBN: 1299334024 OCLC: 842853279

Silhouette Special Releases, 2011.

Baby and the officer /
ISBN: 0373193165 OCLC: 39535218

Silhouette Books, New York : ©1998.

  Baby And The Officer.
ISBN: 1299369200 OCLC: 842897398

Harlequin Treasury-Silhouette Romance 90s, 2011.

Baby with a badge /
ISBN: 0373192983 OCLC: 38923542

Silhouette Books, New York : 1998.

  Baby With A Badge.
ISBN: 1299368824 OCLC: 842897338

Harlequin Treasury-Silhouette Romance 90s, 2011.

  Daddy in the making /
ISBN: 0733557945 OCLC: 224125849

Harlequin Mills & Boon, Chatswood, N.S.W. : 2005 [i.e. 2004]

  Daddy in the Making.
ISBN: 1299333990 OCLC: 842853282

Silhouette Special Releases, 2011.

Daddy patrol /
ISBN: 037324584x OCLC: 53342584

Silhouette Books, New York : ©2003.

Doctor's orders
ISBN: 9781474025157 OCLC: 898156460

Doctor's orders /
ISBN: 0373198124 OCLC: 67247909

Silhouette Books, New York, NY : ©2006.

  Family to Be.
ISBN: 1299334016 OCLC: 842853280

Silhouette Special Releases, 2011.

  Marriage Badge.
ISBN: 1283728958 OCLC: 843111672

Silhouette Special Releases, 2012.

My fair Maggy /
ISBN: 0373197357 OCLC: 56524991

Silhouette Books, New York, NY : ©2004.

  My Fair Maggy.
ISBN: 1299334008 OCLC: 842853281

Silhouette Special Releases, 2011.

On baby patrol /
ISBN: 0373192762 OCLC: 38154761

Silhouette Books, New York : ©1998.

  On Baby Patrol.
ISBN: 129936988X OCLC: 842897219

Harlequin Treasury-Silhouette Romance 90s, 2011.

The marriage badge /
ISBN: 0373194439 OCLC: 43906314

Silhouette Books, New York : ©2000.